Secure copyrights & metadata permanence

The subject of copyright is always high in photographers’ minds, especially in light of Orphan Works legislation & rampant image “borrowing” online. Consequently there’s an ongoing burning desire for secure metadata that can’t be stripped away from images. Check it out here.

Photo Attorney: The Fuss About Fair Use

These days, authors, artists, and photographers are likely to find one or more of their creative works used without permission. One defense to the purported infringement is often that it is a “fair use.” The challenge then is determining whether the unauthorized use is an infringement or fair use. While only a court of law […]

Photo Advocates Divided Over Orphan Works

As the orphan works copyright legislation advances through Congress, it has exposed a split among photo associations. With their ranks divided, professional photographers have lost whatever lobbying power they might have had as a unified force. Check it out here.

Is Amit Agarwal a Photo Thief?

Thomas Hawk: A few of my photos seem to be in Amit’s photostream as well. My response? Personally I could care less. My photos are routinely used without my permission all over the internet. I just don’t care. Check it out here.

National Geographic Renews Legal War Over Digital Archive – emedia and Technology @

“It’s the archive that’s at stake,” Angelo Grima, senior vice president and deputy general counsel for the National Geographic Society, said during a panel on digital rights at the Magazine Publishers of America’s Magazines 24/7 conference at the Hearst Tower Thursday. “We’ll go to the Supreme Court if we have to, because our archive is […]

Photo Attorney: Batch Processing of Your Photos for Copyright Registration and Adding Metadata

: Photo Attorney: Batch Processing of Your Photos for Copyright Registration and Adding Metadata During my interview with Photo Talk Radio last week, I mentioned Bert Krages’ Photoshop Action to batch process your photos (reduce their file size) for copyright registration with the U.S. Copyright Office. He also provides steps to add copyright notice metadata […]