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Color + Design Blog / Interview with Patrick Winfield: Polaroidologist by COLOURlovers: “I love Polaroid, so when the opportunity came along to interview Patrick Winfield, a graphic designer and photographer who frequently uses Polaroid to create dynamic visual stories, I jumped at the chance to speak with him.

Patrick’s work has a healthy following. I’m excited he took time to share his work; his love of Polaroid and playing around.”



CONTEXT – This Week in Arts and Ideas from The Moscow Times: “The pictures come from a new coffee-table book, ’20th Century Russia in Photographs: 1900 to 1917,’ which covers the turbulent period in hundreds of full-page archival images, ranging from high politics to gritty documentary photography to family portraits.

The book is part of an ongoing project by state-owned gallery Moscow House of Photography to collect and catalogue historically interesting photographs taken over the last century. It’s planned that another four books will follow, loosely divided into the pre-war period, World War II, the Khrushchev and Brezhnev eras and perestroika to 2000, the gallery’s director, Olga Sviblova, said in an interview on Sunday.”

whats the jackanory ?: London calling: “I did a shoot for Sunday Times on the 3rd Jan. The wold champion female track cyclist. A Brit. Big hopes for the Olympics. Great ! A job immediately after the new year – it gets your confidence up and your new year is out the traps. I got £250 fee. One of my very first commissions ever was for The Sunday Times in 1993. My fee was £250. In 15 years they have held down their costs 100%. What an amazing achievement. The chief picture editor of the whole newspaper – a man I’ve never even heard of or met – so the boss over and above the PE’s in all the sections/magazines – was so impressed with my picture that he got his p.a. to call me and ‘ask’ me if it was alright if they could hold on to the pictures for a little bit longer as they were so good he felt that they were very syndicatable. How long for? Not long, just a while, well until after the Olympics. Is there going to be a split in it for me? We’d give you 10%. The institutional disrespect for photographers and photography cannot be over emphasised.”


redlights and redeyes: portland or bust: “Portland has always been one of those cities which I knew I’d love the second I set foot in. I got an invite from Sol Neelman to join him for a little shindig with some of The Oregonian crew and a few who made the trip from the newspaper-lands. While I didn’t get to wander as much as I wanted to for photos, this trip was more about seeing old friends and meeting some new ones. One of those friends, the infamous Scott Strazzante, got hitched while I was there. It was a disgustingly cute ceremony in a small courthouse in Hillsboro, Oregon, witnessed by only a few photographers who only saw the ceremony through a darkened rectangle in the viewfinder with vows recited through a chorus of shutters.”


The Year in Pictures: Stormy Weather: “Extreme weather is a category of photography we don’t think much about here in New York City, but it has its fans, publishers, and practitioners just like any other genre. Top amongst these is probably Jim Reed, a 56 year old former writer and film-maker who moved from Los Angeles to Wichita, Kansas 16 years ago in order to be
near the strongest hurricanes and tornadoes in the country.”


Smithsonian Magazine | Arts & Culture | Danger Zones: “David Maisel doesn’t consider himself an environmental activist. Yet his large-scale aerial photographs of strip mines, a bone-dry lake bed and man-made evaporation ponds can be viewed as indictments of our indifference to the planet that sustains us. Once you figure them out, that is. The photographs call to mind everything from blood vessels to stained-glass windows. ‘They might be mirrors into who we are as a society and who we are in our psyches,’ Maisel says.”

(Via Boing Boing.)


Pacifica Tribune Online – Through the lens of the camera: “‘First time I went out, I took pictures at the beach and came back with really good pictures. I hit it off from the very first time. I never pictured myself as a photographer until I got my camera and people told me I was good. It went from there,’ he said,

Now Hudson, 15, a sophomore at Terra Nova High School, plans to pursue a career in photojournalism.”


State of the Art: Marilyn Wars: The Empire Strikes Back: “The law firm of Loeb & Loeb didn’t waste any time in striking back at the heirs of photographers who once photographed Marilyn Monroe.
Loeb & Loeb represents the company called Marilyn Monroe LLC, which over the past couple of decades has claimed ownership of the late actress’s ‘rights of publicity.’”


RRD Photo: Photoshop “Revisit and Retouch” Challenge #1: “Ryan Goodman took this photograph a few years ago in Grand Cayman and produced a nice image (after some editing) which you can see on his site.

Interested to see what other folks would do to this in the digital darkroom, he’s inviting those interested to download the RAW files and give it their best shot.

In this post…
In this post I’ll give a detailed look at my steps for completing this retouch and at the end I’ll link to some books and podcasts that will help teach you these techniques in more detail.”

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A Photo Editor – Photography Agent Websites: “My new favorite agent website belongs to Deborah Schwartz (here)–actually I should credit Bill Charles for being an early adopter of the idea . The first page lists the names of the people they represent and when you roll over the name a photo that represents that photographers work appears. Brilliant. Simple. Most of the time, when I’m out trolling agent websites, it’s because I ran out of ideas or I kinda remember a photographer but have no idea what their name is so, being able to flash through a bunch of photographers quickly is awesome.”


pictures. » Anna and Scott: “On Friday, my old friend Scott got married to my new friend Anna. It’s hard for me to put into words how happy i am for them. To be honest, i am also happy for me. i got to see it. Scott was coming out for an annual photo celebration (more on that later) and it just worked out to be the right time for them. It was likely they would get married at some point – but for it to happen in Oregon was very special for fran and i.”

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