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Ariana Grande Strikes Back at ‘Greedy’ Photogs with Full Copyright Grab

TMZ reports that Grande’s new concert photo policy resulted from years of being “exploited” by people profiting from their concert photos of her.

Captain Marvel Star Brie Larson Wants Women Photographers to Photograph Her | PDNPulse

Actress Brie Larson stars in Captain Marvel, the first in the Marvel cinematic franchise to feature a female superhero as the lead. Larson is using her press junket for the blockbuster movie to advocate for women photographers, and for reporters and photographers of color.

US Govt Tracking Photojournalists with Secret Database, Leaked Docs Reveal

The US government has a secret database through which it’s tracking people tied to the migrant caravan, according to newly leaked documents, and found on the list are a number of photojournalists.

U.S. Border Agents Targeting Photojournalists at Southern Border | PDNPulse

According to a report by San Diego media outlet 7 Investigates, U.S. Customs and Border Protection officials created a secret database of journalists, lawyers and other immigration advocates who were reporting on or working with members of the migrant caravan.

Egyptian Photog Shawkan to Serve 5 More Years in Jail with Daytime Furlough | PDNPulse

Photojournalist Mahmoud Abou Zeid, known as Shawkan, was released from prison in Egypt on March 4, more than five years after he was arrested and more than a year after prosecutors had sought the death penalty in his case. However his release carries conditions: He has to report to a police station every day for the next five years and spend every night in jail.

Syria Liable in Killing of Journalist Marie Colvin, Court Rules – The New York Times

Issued by the United States District Court in Washington, the decision awarded $302.5 million to relatives of the journalist, Marie Colvin. Of that sum, $300 million is punitive damages for what Judge Amy Berman Jackson, in her ruling, called “Syria’s longstanding policy of violence” that aimed “to intimidate journalists” and “suppress dissent.”

No Photographic Memory in the Senate – The New York Times

He was not just an idle member of the Senate lamenting a missed opportunity. As chairman of the Senate Rules Committee, he could actually do something about the situation, and Mr. Blunt said he was open to a rules change that would allow photography in the Senate for special occasions, such as the opening of a new Congress.

Condoned by Trump, press attacks hit local reporters hard – Columbia Journalism Review

“Everyone should be worried about the tactic of saying There’s no objective truth and we reject the role of the press,” says DeRienzo. “Everyone should be afraid of that filtering down to the local level, and I think you’re starting to see signs of it.”

Judge Declares Iowa’s “Ag Gag” Rule Unconstitutional | PDNPulse

A federal judge has struck down an Iowa law which prohibits undercover photographing or filming on factory farms, meatpacking plants and other agricultural operations, declaring it a violation of the First Amendment. Judge James Gritzner of the U.S. Southern District of Iowa made the ruling in a lawsuit brought against the state by lawyers representing several nonprofit organizations concerned with animal protection and workers’ rights.

Defending ‘Needles in the Sewer’ and Photographing the Disadvantaged

I will usually disagree quite strongly with anyone who argues that consent is necessary for street photography in public. The law in the UK and many other countries defends photographers and photojournalists when it comes to candid photography in public spaces. Often “permission” will destroy the integrity of a true photojournalistic-scene.

The Fresno Bee and the War on Local News | GQ

Local newspapers like The Fresno Bee have long been an endangered institution in America, and that was before California Rep. Devin Nunes began waging a public campaign against his hometown paper. Zach Baron spent time with the reporters fighting to keep news alive in an age when the forces they cover are working equally hard to destroy them.

Not Just Khashoggi: Reprisal Killings of Journalists Surged This Year – The New York Times

Reprisal killings of journalists because of their work nearly doubled in 2018, bringing the total number of journalists killed on the job to the highest point in three years, a press advocacy group reported on Wednesday.

Police in China Finally Confirm Lu Guang’s Arrest | PDNPulse

Police in China have for the first time informed photojournalist Lu Guang’s family of his arrest last month, The New York Times reported today. Lu’s wife told the Times that police had phoned Lu’s family in China to report his arrest in the city of Kashgar, Xinjiang province. So far, however, Chinese officials have not disclosed the charges against Lu or released any information about his condition.

Opinion | A Photographer Goes Missing in China – The New York Times

Lu Guang is an internationally acclaimed photographer from China, and he has been my friend for more than 15 years. I’m proud that the agency I co-founded represents and distributes his work. We first met in Beijing in 2002. He was already a well-known and widely awarded documentary photographer in his country, and he would soon win a slew of international awards, including some of the world’s most prestigious.

Killings of Journalists Show the Bloody Fingerprints of Organized Crime – The New York Times

The last two years have been deadly for journalists, with 31 murdered around the world this year alone, according to the Committee to Protect Journalists. But a report released this past week by Reporters Without Borders documented more than two dozen who had been killed by members of organized crime since the start of 2017, including fatal attacks in Mexico and Europe that underscored the entrenched power of criminal syndicates around the world.

Photographer Lu Guang Detained in China, and Missing for Weeks | PDNPulse

Photojournalist Lu Guang, who has won numerous international awards for his coverage of pressing health and environmental issues in China, has been detained in China since November 3 without word from authorities about his whereabouts or the reason for his detention, according to the BBC and other news outlets in Europe and the U.S.

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