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Craig McDean, Tim Walker, and More: Nine Stunning Photo Books to Buy Now | AnOther

Nine of the most exciting photography books published this month, covering fashion, art, and documentary and featuring work by some of the medium’s most renowned names

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Walter Keller: Beruf: Verleger. A Tribute – AMERICAN SUBURB X

“So, when we consider respect in the medium, we can limit our discussion by looking at who is contributing to our world and who is not. Publishers by and large are the unsung heroes of the day”.

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Arles 2019 : 50 years, 50 books . Masterpieces from the Martin Parr Library

Collaborative project between Les Rencontres, LUMA and Tate Modern, this project highlights 50 works published between 1969 and 2018. The selection reveals a rich panel of artists who have marked photography in many ways. Whether form or content, this sselection shows photography in its multidisciplinarity: humanist photographers, conceptual, photojournalists, but also visual artists and fashion photographers etc.

Jason Lee: Oklahoma | LENSCRATCH

Some months ago, I had the pleasure to be in conversation with photographer/actor Jason Lee at Arcana Books about his sold-out monograph, A Plain View. The book is a beautiful tribute to the genre of the Road Trip, his work reflects months on the road in Texas with his Graflex Speed Graphic view camera. The book is comprised of color photographs made throughout Texas over the course of 25 days between January and April of 2017 using expired Kodak 4×5 color films.

Workshop Preview: Christian Patterson on the Art of Photo Book Making | PDNPulse

On May 18-19, Patterson will share his bookmaking expertise in a workshop at Red Hook Labs in Brooklyn, NY. In anticipation of the workshop, PDN asked Patterson via email to share a few insights about creative photography bookmaking, building a photographic narrative, and about the differences between an artist book and a trade book.

Juxtapoz Magazine – Pimps, Juggalos, and Much More in Nighted Life 13

Nighted has been turning out print issues of their trademark film photography publications for over seven years, focusing on things that happen below the surface of everyday life. Issue 13 of Nighted Life is no exception, taking readers from an annual gathering of pimps in Chicago to a march against the gang classification of Juggalos in Washington DC, and many strange places in between. Nighted is based in the Bay Area but features contributors from all over. This issue includes photos and writing from Miranda Barnes, Ryan Florig, Adam Jason Cohen and several others. Check out some photos from Nighted Life 13 below.

Juxtapoz Magazine – A Look Into “Alex Prager: Silver Lake Drive”

It’s often been said that Alex Prager’s photography work is cinematic in approach and content. There is the sense of a movie still from a classic Hollywood production, the kinds of films that aren’t made anymore, but are glorified in a way that defines the celluloid history of Los Angeles. Perhaps that is why a surreal quality seems to surround each photo, because it creates uncertainty about whether you are following a narrative, or witnessing a frozen, yet epic moment.

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The Best Photo Books of 2018 – The New York Times

I think about my “year-end” list of photo books all through the year, poring over publishers’ catalogs. I’m sent many books and buy many others. I sift through hundreds of volumes. Each book is finally chosen on its own merits. This is not a list of “relevant” or “important” books. I care only for photo books that work, photo books that have somehow merged form and content to create a third thing, full of its own life, vital and resonant. Here are 10 that hit that mark for me in 2018.

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Unraveling the Mysteries of Dorothea Lange’s ‘Migrant Mother’ – The New York Times

The history behind Ms. Lange’s photograph of Florence Owens Thompson has intrigued academics and photographers for decades. But a new book sheds fresh light on the portrait’s little-explored details.

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Winners of 2018 Paris Photo-Aperture Foundation PhotoBook Awards Announced | PDNPulse

The three winners of the 2018 Paris Photo–Aperture Foundation PhotoBook Awards were announced on Friday in Paris. Laia Abril won Photobook of the Year for On Abortion, her visual chronicle of how access to abortion has affected women’s lives both historically and in contemporary society. Ursula Schulz-Dornburg’s The Land in Between won Photography Catalogue of the Year, and Stanley Wolukau-Wanambwa won the $10,000 First PhotoBook award for his book One Wall a Web. A Juror’s Special Mention was awarded to Pixy Liao for her book Experimental Relationship Vol. 1

A New Book to Change the Way You Look at Photography – Feature Shoot

Photographers on Photography, the newest book from the author Henry Carroll, is out now by Laurence King Publishing. In its pages, you’ll find more than a century’s worth of words and images from the past and present, with contributions from William Henry Fox Talbot, Ansel Adams, Dorothea Lange, Irving Penn, Lisette Model, Gary Winogrand, Daido Moriyama, Alec Soth, Olivia Bee, and many more. As a follow-up to his critically acclaimed series Read This If You Want to Take Great Photographs, Photographers on Photography takes a philosophical approach to what Carroll calls “the most enigmatic art of them all.”

Cover the Book: Edition Three, Opening the Book | LENSCRATCH

The nature of the photobook, any book for that matter, leads one to open it. The book object comes in many varied forms and rarely does one venture into the unimaginable and brand new. There are different takes on designs and designers toy with size, folds, hidden pages, text or images, boxes, inserts, but rarely does an audience encounter something that there they have no ability to conceive and define.

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