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With all due respect

instead of giving snapshots of what the industry is doing and how policy varies from one desk to another, why doesn’t the World Press follow-up with a 5 point document that clearly define what is acceptable/not acceptable in photojournalism today and tomorrow and politely asks for everyone making a living ( or not) from this profession to approve it and implement it

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The Integrity of the Image tl;dr

In response to the increasing ambiguity over acceptable levels of manipulation in photojournalism contests, World Press Photo commissioned a report entitled “The Integrity of the Image: Current practices and accepted standards relating to the manipulation of still images in photojournalism and documentary photography.” It’s 20 pages long, so here’s the tl;dr:

The Integrity of the Image

The Integrity of the Image

What is current practice, and what are the accepted standards internationally, when it comes to the manipulation of still images in photojournalism? Earlier this year, the World Press Photo Academy commissioned Dr. David Campbell to conduct research on “The Integrity of the Image”, and to assess contemporary industry standards worldwide. The report of his findings is now available.