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From Josh Spear, Trendspotting:

Do you find that tune from Tetris twisting and turning in your brain all day? Does the music of Metroid make you want to move your feet? Sure you’re probably a video game addict, but there’s nothing wrong with getting those sweet sounds of Super Street Fighter stuck in your head. The only issue you face is trying to find a place that will let you relive the soundtrack of your gaming life. Luckily, there’s now 8bitFM, an internet radio station dedicated to devotees of Double Dragon ditties and Super Mario melodies.

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Jude Buffum

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From COMRADE Magazine:

I had always wanted to be an illustrator until the day my idol, Joe Sorren, was a guest speaker in my illustration class. He stuck around for our class critiques and when he got to my painting, he said, I shit you not this is exactly what he said: “I’m personally offended to have to talk about this piece, it’s THAT BAD.” I went home practically in tears, didn’t leave my room for a week, and almost dropped out of school. But I realized at that point I was a better designer than illustrator, so I stuck with graphic design.

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Lode Runner Review


From giantbomb.com:

Can you put 25th Anniversary artwork on your game’s title screen if it’s 26 years old? This is the bold statement that Lode Runner on Xbox Live Arcade asks us to consider. This classic franchise that got its start in 1983 on machines like the Apple II and Atari 400/800 doesn’t really get as much respect as it probably deserves.

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The game is more or less plot-driven, so we’re working on a script wild enough to fit into our concept. In short, the outline looks like this:

Year 1942. Summer. The martians suddenly land somewhere in Siberia and attack the glorious people of Holy Mother Russia. It is a hard time for USSR as you might know from the history books if you ever attended school. The situation is really f*d up, so comrade Stalin takes the anti-ET military operation under his personal control. The operation is a top secret and virtually nobody knows about the fact of extraterrestial intervention.

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