is Instagram running scared ? – Kaptur

is Instagram running scared?

Instagram is now facing the biggest challenge of its short existence. Now that it has succeeded in becoming a top mobile destination and successfully sold itself for a large amount of capital, it needs to perform two things well. One, remain relevant and second, get the next 100 million users. No easy task.

In New York, Photography Takes to the Street – LightBox

In New York, Photography Takes to the Street

It’s a typical Thursday night in New York when, on the corner of 10th Avenue and 13th Street, a white Cadillac and a blue Mini Cooper pull over. Five photographers emerge from the cars, carrying paint rollers and pots of wheat-based glue. As three of them quickly and expertly apply glue to a four-by-three-foot section of virgin brick wall across from the Standard Hotel, the other two carefully roll out and paste large sections of a black-and-white photograph.