A Buffalo Photographer’s Dignified Look at the Passage of Time

In three decades, Milton Rogovin and his wife, Anne, captured changes in one upstate neighborhood, while also reaching deep into grand abstractions of nature and time.

Milton’s photographs from the neighborhood originated in 1972, when he was invited to visit the home of a patient, and continued as he and Anne developed relationships with others they met. The elements of personal connection and social history, implicit in Milton’s earlier images, are rendered explicit in his series “Lower West Side Triptychs” and “Lower West Side Quartets.” For those projects, the Rogovins sought out people Milton had photographed in the nineteen-seventies and photographed them again during the course of three decades

One Year Later: The 2021 Lenscratch Student Prize Winners - LENSCRATCH

Over this past year, I’ve had the pleasure of celebrating, corresponding and zooming with the 2021 Student Prize Winners. Last summer, I met Allie Tsubota in Providence and she walked me through her studio at RISD.  Through these awards, I always feel lik

If I had to share any advice with current students about life after school, it would be to first allow yourself to feel everything that you need to feel. Honestly, post-grad depression is very real, and it can often leave people (myself included) feeling quite lost and confused during that period. I went through it all, but I came out on the other side, so here are some more tips that I learned along the way and that helped me get through this period:

The 2022 Lenscratch Student Prize Honorable Mention Winner: Mackenzie Calle - LENSCRATCH

It is with pleasure that the jurors announce the 2022 Lenscratch Student Prize Honorable Mention Winner, Mackenzie Calle. Calle was selected for her project, The Gay Space Agency, and is currently attending the Documentary Photography and Visual Journalis

With science fiction, there are endless storytelling possibilities. You can be limitless in your imagination. For The Gay Space Agency, I wanted it to be visually playful and other-worldly while also engaging in a serious analysis of the culture that represses the LGBTQ+ community in astronautics and aerospace

Photographers on Photographers: Sydney Walsh in Conversation with Sofia Valiente - LENSCRATCH

This month we feature our annual Photographers on Photographers interview series. For this effort, we asked the 2021 Top 25 to Watch to share an interview with a hero, mentor, or an artist who has inspired them. Thank you to all who participated. – Aline

Why did you decide to exhibit the work Foreverglades on a boat? How did you come about that idea? And what were some challenges you had? And if you were to do something similar like that, again, is there anything that you would do differently?

How to Stay Safe While Photographing the War in Ukraine

Practical advice for photographers covering the Russian invasion of Ukraine to stay safe and healthy while doing war photography.

“I’d seen so many in Ukraine, in Kyiv without helmet and vest,” Fadek tells PetaPixel. “I saw journalists running around [without personal protective equipment, or PPE] in Irpin, which is a suburb of Kyiv, and Babyn (Babi) Yar, a former holocaust site that was attacked in the initial days of the war.
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Getty Images Awards “Inclusion” Grants to Eight Photojournalists Worldwide

The $5,000 grants are awarded to emerging photographers and videographers from historically underrepresented groups.

Those storytellers include Ivan McClellan, whose work documents Black cowboys in America; Lexi Parra, a photographer based in Caracas, Venezuela whose images examine youth culture and themes of inequality and violence; and Barbara Peacock, whose series American Bedroom (2017–present) offers glimpses into people’s most intimate spaces.
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Tropic of violence | By Tommaso Protti

Tropic of violence | By Tommaso Protti Violence has become a familiar facet of Brazil’s identity, a tragic routine that affects all layers of Latin America’s biggest country. According to the Unite…

While most commonly known in popular culture for beaches, carnival, samba and football, Brazil remains one of world’s most violent countries, a tropical paradise of blood and sorrow.

International Photo Contest – The Leica Oskar Barnack Award

The Leica Oskar Barnack Award is an international photo contest for photographers. Awarded will contemporary, outstanding reportage photography.

The shortlisted candidates for the internationally-renowned Leica Oskar Barnack Award photo competition, that will be granted this year for the 42th time, are set.
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The 2022 Lenscratch Student Prize: 25 to Watch - LENSCRATCH

Every year we seek to celebrate the next generation of photographic artists through our Student Prize Awards program. 2022 was a stellar year for photography, not only with a record number of excellent submissions, but the work itself reflected deep think

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'No Photographs': Trump's Order to White House Photographer on Jan 6

"No photographs."

Shealah Craighead rarely put down her camera when Trump was in the public eye, as the former president was particularly, and notably, fond of being in front of the camera and driving stories and ratings, Business Insider reports. But on January 6, 2021, the day of the insurrection at the Capitol, photos were conspicuously absent.

Creativity and Turmoil, part 1

Left to right:  Mitch Dobrowner,  Shiprock Storm ;  Mark Klett,  Moonset with Venus ; Edward Bateman,  Antelope Island No.766   I would have...

At the beginning of the pandemic, I watched a live Zoom of Sophie Calle talking to students. I believe she wanted them to be totally in the moment – since she requested that it not be recorded. She was asked: “What advice would you give to students in this moment of peril.” There was something very grounding in her reply – or at least in how I remember it. “Every moment is a moment of peril. We never know when tragedy will personally strike us.”

Lost Film Rolls of the Fall of the Soviet Union Developed 26 Years Later

Photographer Dean Sewell documented the fall of the Soviet Union in 1996 but did not develop his film for 26 years.

Australian photographer Dean Sewell spent 15 months in Russia after the breakup of the former USSR. When Russia invaded Ukraine, he was suddenly reminded that he still had more than two dozen undeveloped B&W film rolls from 1996 to 1997.

Photographer Documents All 12,795 Items That She Owns

That's a lot of stuff.

Iweins found that blue is the dominant color in her house, accounting for 16 percent of all items, while 22 percent of her clothes are black. 43 percent of items in her bathroom are made from plastic, while some 90 percent of the cables in her house are never used, and 19 percent of her books remain unread.