Magnum announces new Nominees, Associate and Member at its 74th AGM in Paris | Magnum Photos Magnum Photos

“It feels amazing, humbling, exciting and huge to think that I have been nominated by Magnum photographers, who have been among my favorite photographers since I started taking pictures. It also feels right to contribute with my point of view, as a documentarist and as an Arab woman,” says Boulos of her nomination. “I hope that the future holds, for me, many encounters, collaborations and new ways of documenting, questioning and resisting the world we live in.”

A Hundred Stories | By Michelle Ma

A Hundred Stories | By Michelle Ma Qinglian, who worked as a chemistry professor in southern regions of China, suffered under cancer caused by radiation. She passed away when my father was 18 years…

In my project, A Hundred Stories, I photographed dwellers, strangers, and family relatives living in Southern China to regions of north bordering Russia. I also intertwined modified images with family archives. Taking photographs of my hometown has given me a chance to reflect on people whom I have not valued. I found that these people, who lives in a different time from the real world, and those who live in a fast-developing city, share the same mind-set. The silent wind of time has continued to blow. The process brought me a strange feeling of satisfaction, which only a hundred stories can reveal.

Announcing the Winning Artists of the Creator Labs Photo Fund

Meet the twenty winning artists recognized by Aperture and Google’s Creator Labs for their exceptional photographic visions.

This summer, Aperture and Google’s Creator Labs teamed up to launch a new initiative, the Creator Labs Photo Fund, aimed at providing financial support to photographers in the wake of COVID-19. Selected by Aperture’s editors, the twenty winning artists are recognized for their exceptional vision as well as the strength and originality of their portfolios, and will be awarded a prize of $5,000 each to sustain their work and practice.

Sony World Photo Awards Leaked Real Name, Forcing Photographer Into Exile

He has been living in exile ever since.

In 2018, Turkish photojournalist Uygar Önder Şimşek says he entered the prestigious Sony World Photography Awards under a pseudonym in order to protect his identity. His work was shortlisted, but the Awards mistakenly sent his real name to the media, forcing him to flee his homeland. He currently lives in exile.

Journalists report working hundreds of hours of unpaid overtime at Gannett papers - Poynter

The NewsGuild is investigating the issue and asking all Gannett employees to fill out a survey reporting unpaid work

In the tweet that started the debate, Arizona Republic consumer protection reporter Rebekah Sanders wrote that she had worked hundreds of hours of unpaid overtime at the paper early in her career because she had been told she needed to “pay (her) dues.”
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Neglected 20th-Century Women Photographers Begin to Get Their Due

The exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum aims to move beyond Euro-American historical narrative.

A famous, bikini-clad model reclines on the crystalline shore of a beach in Jamaica. The corpse of an SS prison guard floats down a river. Three boys play, chasing each other with sticks in an empty lot in the Bronx. What do these images have in common?

Dancing with the gods of deception - Thoughts of a Bohemian

The road to hell is paved with good is the road to fake news apparently.

The latest and probably most potent existential rain dance is Magnum’s own Jonas Bendiksen Veles experiment. Using a mixture of AI, computer-generated content, real photos, and GPT 3, he put together what he hoped would be a self-destroying fake photo essay

How to Start a Photo Magazine in a Pandemic - PhotoShelter Blog

The past few decades have been unkind to photo magazines. Many industry stalwarts have gone defunct, while others have moved to online editions only. Ironically, many photographers still believe in the photographic print, even though they might contend th

In January, I chatted with renown photojournalist Kenneth Jarecke who had just announced the creation of The Curious Society, a large format photo magazine featuring the work of some of the world’s best photojournalists and documentary photographers. The goal wasn’t only to publish a visual tour de force on a quarterly basis, but to also pay photographers a traditional space rate that made producing such work economically viable.

Matter and Time | By Ivan Kardashev

Matter and Time | by Ivan Kardashev My name is Ivan. I was born in Moscow in 1992. “Matter and Time” is a personal documentary project narrating about my military service in the Russian army. The s…

My name is Ivan. I was born in Moscow in 1992. “Matter and Time” is a personal documentary project narrating about my military service in the Russian army. The story began when I was 20 years old. I grew up in a conservative and patriarchal family. For my parents, there was no question of whether a man is obliged to serve, and I couldn’t make a move in this regard myself. Until now, the military service in Russia is mandatory for all men from 18 to 27 years old, who don’t have a health or study exemption, or (in most cases) the opportunity to give a bribe to buy off. The service lasts one year.