Ralph Gibson: "I am an insider, not an observer"

On November 4, 2021, as part of Leica‘s celebration of photography, American photographer Ralph Gibson received the Leica Hall of Fame Award 2021 for Lifetime Achievement. He is also being honored with a retrospective exhibition, on view through the end o

Here, Ralph Gibson shares his vision on photography and the epoch we live in.

A Conversation With 10×10 Photobooks

Lederman and Yatskevich are two of the driving forces behind 10×10 Photobooks, a non-profit with a focus on the photobook. I spoke with Lederman and Yatskevich after the release of What They Saw (before the announcement of the PhotoBook Awards). The following conversation has been edited for length and clarity.
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Film Photo Award Fall 2021 Finalists - LENSCRATCH

Today we share the Student Project Finalists and the Visionary Project Finalists the in the Film Photo Award Fall 2021. The Film Photo Award Fall 2021 Juror, Larisa Leclair shares some remarks about the selections: In the 1990’s, just before the integrati

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Chizu history

If you ask photobook aficionados what the ‘greatest’ photobook of all time is, there will be a whole bunch of answers. In this poll, The Americans by Robert Frank got the most votes, Ravens by Masahisa Fukase and New York by William Klein were up there, a

The 2021 Family Gatherings Exhibition - LENSCRATCH

Happy Thanksgiving! After two years of covid and quaranting, this wonderful exhibition of family gatherings past and present, remind us of what is important: being with ones you love, being thankful for the goodness in the world, and enjoying a meal toget

Nikon Z9 'Dual-Stream' Tech Records and Displays Images with No Lag

It can display and record data simultaneously with no lag.

The Dual-stream technology is part of Nikon’s technology for what it bills as a “real-live” viewfinder experience in the Z9. The company says that the tech is only made possible thanks to the combination of the newly-developed stacked CMOS sensor and the EXPEED 7 image-processing engine, which allows photos to be displayed on the electronic viewfinder or LCD monitor (whichever is being used to monitor capture) as well as record that still-image data to a memory card at the exact same time.
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TIME's Top 100 Photos of 2021

In a time of transition and uncertainty, these images defined the year

emember when people thought it was the year? That 2020 was uniquely cursed, the worst year ever, that all would be resolved by January. Instead, 2021 has proved to be a fraught annum of unfinished transitions, half-kept promises, all torque and in-betweens. The world got moving again, yes, but not for very long and seldom together. From the U.S. to India, COVID-19 killed more people this year than last. Parts of the globe were held back by lack of access to a vaccine. Other parts (the richer parts) held themselves back by failing to access a shared reality.

Step Into the Tender World of a Hollywood Cameraman

A history of the Golden Age of Hollywood from the perspective of someone who worked behind the scenes.

LOS ANGELES — Part time capsule, part love letter, the exhibition If We Can’t Fix It—It Ain’t Busted at Arcane Space is a tender reconstruction of the world of Hollywood cameraman Arthur Gerstle.