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If you’re a freelance photographer, running a successful small business is crucial. Just ask Melissa Lyttle, photojournalist and freelance photographer.  As the former president of NPPA and a full-time freelancer since 2014, Melissa has made it her missio

Hear about Melissa’s multiple income streams, stories of how one opportunity led to a big break and get insights into how you can avoid common photo business mistakes.

An Archive of Images from San Quentin State Prison

Nigel Poor’s cache of photos from the California penitentiary shows us life controlled and monitored, but also that which is beyond the reach of supervision.

There are giant frescoed murals in a dining hall at San Quentin State Prison, scenes of California history populated by figures whose eyes move with you as you walk past them. I saw them tracking me when I was once in that room, so I know that the rumor about the eyes is more than a myth. The murals were started in 1953 by an artist named Alfredo Santos, who would serve four years of a sentence at San Quentin. As I stood in that dining hall, listening to the lore about the murals from men who take their meals below the painted faces, I looked up at a sign on one end of the long room that announced “no warning shots in this area.”

Ka-Man Tse: narrow distances - LENSCRATCH

In her project narrow distances, Ka-Man Tse’s photographs linger in spaces tucked away primarily throughout skyscraper-laden Hong Kong and New York City. Included in these realms are quiet, large format portraits of Tse’s subjects and collaborators, whose

Shafiqul Islam Kajol: Photographing Bangladesh Through Turbulent Times

Last year, after an almost 30-year career as a photojournalist and editor, Shafiqul Islam Kajol has been charged under Bangladesh’s Digital Security Act for social media posts that are critical of his government. The price he has paid to reveal the truth

On May 3, 2020, Shafiqul Islam Kajol surfaced. He was found by Bangladeshi border guards along the country’s border with India near the town of Benapole, just over 200 kilometers from where he had last been seen. He was handed over to the police by the border guards and then taken quickly to court. At his court appearance the judge ruled he be detained and he was placed in jail.

Film Photo Award Finalists and Standouts - LENSCRATCH

Once again, the applicants and proposals submitted to the Spring 2021 Film Photo Award were nothing short of awe-inspiring.  Every single proposal was thoughtful, nuanced, deeply felt and delivered, making the jurying exceedingly difficult.  This notable

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The COVID Reporters Are Not Okay. Extremely Not Okay.

When I told my editors at The Daily Beast that I needed to quit my job as the newsroom’s lead COVID reporter, I couldn’t even say the word “quit.”Even now, weeks later, it feels like a

An underprepared industry is losing a generation of journalists to despair, trauma, and moral injury as they cover the story of a lifetime.

Photo Editors Weigh In: 7 Tips on How to Stand Out - PhotoShelter Blog

We all know that as photographers, creating your best work is paramount. But learning how to curate and showcase it effectively is what will help you book exciting jobs, secure contracts and take your career to the next level.  Recently we spoke with phot

Recently we spoke with photo editors Sarah Jacobs and Tracey Woods to learn about their personal journeys and how freelancers can catch the eye of photo editors. Even with a wide range of professional experience—the two have worked for an impressive list of publications: Business Insider, Universal Music, ONE37pm, iHeartRadio, The Luupe and Essence Communications—themes emerged.