Gerry Cranham: a Life Devoted to Sports Photography

Gerry Cranham has just turned 92 and there has never been a book that looks back on his extensive and prolific career as a whole. Crazy! Mark Leech, a great English sports photographer, who is also his friend, his agent and sort of his spiritual son, is d

Former editor in chief at the newspaper L’Equipe Magazine, turned gallery owner specializing in sports photography, Jean-Denis Walter writes a regular column for Blind. His third essay is devoted to one of the most important photographer of the genre.

Police in Minnesota Round Up, Detain Photographers Covering a Protest

Detained, forced on their stomachs, and not released until they submitted to having faces and press credentials photographed.

Tim Evans, a freelance photojournalist for the European Pressphoto Agency, says he was tackled to the ground, punched, and sprayed with chemical irritants. He claims that all the while, he was identifying himself as press with his credentials clearly visible. He goes on to claim that the officer who had carried out this attack took Evans’ press badge and threw it away, saying he didn’t care if he was with the media.

María Daniel Balcázar – Kilombo

  KILOMBO María Daniel Balcázar     Kilombo is a tribute to the resilience and vitality of the African legacy in Brazil. During the Atlantic slave trade, approximately 4.8 million pe…

This work took place in the states of Bahia, Rio de Janeiro, Minas Gerais, and São Paolo, from 2015 to 2018 in rural quilombos and urban favelas, in the welcoming homes, and places of work and of worship of Afro-Brazilians. They are still struggling against poverty, racism and violence and for the recognition of their rights, including the rights to the lands they have inhabited since their founding as rebel quilombos. From there, the African heritage has intertwined with Indigenous and Christian-European cultures, creating the richly multicultural XXI Century Brazil.

Politics of the Kitchen: Counter Histories - LENSCRATCH

By Barbara Ciurej and Lindsay Lochman Counter Histories: Documenting the Struggle to Desegregate Southern Restaurants is a timely resource bringing together photojournalism, history and politics with food. Connecting desegregation protests and demonstrati

Counter Histories: Documenting the Struggle to Desegregate Southern Restaurants is a timely resource bringing together photojournalism, history and politics with food. Connecting desegregation protests and demonstrations of today and yesterday, Counter Histories provides viewers a context to consider the role of civil disobedience in the face of systemic racism and injustice.

Winners of the 2021 World Press Photo Contest

Some of the winning entries in this year’s annual photo competition

The winning entries of the annual World Press Photo Contest ​have just been announced. This year, according to organizers, 74,470 images were submitted for judging, made by 4,315 photographers from 130 different countries. Winners in eight categories were announced, including Contemporary Issues, Environment, General News, Long-Term Projects, Nature, Portraits, Sports, and Spot News. World Press Photo has once more been kind enough to allow me to share some of this year’s winning photos here with you.
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The Timeless Pleasures of Dawoud Bey’s Street Portraits

His pictures make me think about the times I’ve walked down the street feeling invisible, until I pass another Black person who holds my gaze long enough for us to exchange a nod.

few years ago, while on a road-trip assignment with the photographer Andre Wagner, I began to needle him with questions about street photography. I wanted to know about the emotional mechanics and structure of it: what a photographer’s eye picks up, what makes a stranger agree to a moment of intimacy with someone she may never see again. Andre told me that it primarily entailed getting people to trust you within a short window of time. But there was another secret, too. Andre loved photographing Black people. They were familiar to him, as he was to them. He could read their cues, and sense their excitement. And so many of the Black people he encountered were eager to have their photos taken, just one adjustment away from being camera-ready.

World Press Photo: the Shocking Images of 2020

The results of the 64th edition of World Press Photo were announced on April 15. Six nominees were in the running for the prestigious and coveted world photo of the year. The World Press Photo of the Year was awarded to Mads Nissen for his photograph of a

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An Emotional Embrace in Brazil Wins World Press Photo of the Year

The best images captured by international photojournalists.

The World Press Photo of the Year is designed to honor a photographer whose visual creativity and skills combined to create a picture that captures or represents an event or issue of great journalistic importance in a given year. This year, there is likely no larger story than the COVID-19 pandemic, and a photo by Mads Nissen — a photographer from Denmark — titled The First Embrace took top honors. His photo was also the winner of the “General News” category.