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Jeff Koons Found Liable for Copyright Infringement. Again.

Bauret’s family sued Koons over a 1988 sculpture (shown at right) titled Naked, which closely copied a 1975 photograph by Bauret titled Enfants. The black-and-white photograph depicts two naked children holding hands. The Koons sculpture depicts two naked children with body positions and haircuts that are nearly identical to those in the photograph.

Your personal Facebook Live videos can legally end up on TV

One father who live-streamed his partner’s labour on Facebook last May, has found out the hard way: he saw the birth of his son replayed on Good Morning America and numerous other media outlets.

This week, he lost a high-profile court battle against the broadcasters

Image Manipulation & How To Avoid Copyright Infringement

This infographic looks at what legalities are involved in image manipulation, focusing on US laws whilst also taking a look at UK laws and other factors from around the world. It’ll discuss what aspects can be involved in image manipulation and how the laws are interpreted by different people. At the end, we’ll also take a look at some case examples, delving into how the law has or hasn’t favoured manipulated images.

The State of Photo Theft in 2016

Here are some of the interesting stats: 64% of photographers experienced image theft this past year, 50% of the thieves were bloggers and social media users, and 84% of photographers never register their photos with the U.S. Copyright Office.

Court Dismisses $1 Billion Copyright Claim Against Getty

Three weeks after a federal judge gutted photographer Carol Highsmith’s $1 billion copyright claim against Getty Images, the two sides have ended their dispute with a settlement of the remaining claims. The terms of the settlement, over minor state law claims, were not disclosed.

Belarus Court Rules This Photo ‘Has No Artistic Merit,’ Can’t Be Copyrighted

It’s one of the strangest, saddest copyright rulings we’ve ever heard of. Motolko captured the northern lights photo above during an all-night photo shoot in March of 2015, sharing it and others like it on social media where his post went viral. The next night, state-run television network Belteleradiocompany used it without permission, credit, or payment.

The Highsmith vs Getty Saga Begins

Ed has seen all of the legal and factual issues at play in this case in many other cases. What is particularly notable here is that this is the first case he has seen where ALL of these apparent transgressions were committed in a single case. The fact pattern is almost too good to be true for the plaintiff/photographer. This is to a lawyer very much like it would be for a person who hasn’t had a decent meal in months setting his/her eyes upon an endless Las Vegas buffet.

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Photog Seeks $1 Billion from Getty for Copyright Infringement

Carol Highsmith filed suit July 25 in federal court in New York, alleging that Getty and its subsidiaries have been charging fees for the use of her images without her consent. She has been providing the images to the Library of Congress since 1988 for use by the general public at no charge.

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