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With over ten years as a professional photographer, I don't really get the 'GAS' (Gear Acquisition Syndrome) like I used to. I've become pretty content with the gear I've acquired over the years, and so new purchases have become more about the marginal up

Lens Rentals | Blog

Last week, we shared with you our end of the year data showing off the most popular rentals for 2018, as well as the most popular new product rentals for the year. But one of the perks of working at, is that you have access to over 250,000

Lens Rentals | Blog

Since its introduction 1950, Photokina has taken the title as the largest trade show related to photography in the world. This biennially held trade show takes place every two years in Cologne, Germany and brings in nearly 200,000 people for each event. W

Zeiss ZX1 hands-on pictures and interview – sonyalpharumors sonyalpharumors

The new Zeiss ZX1 is in many ways a very bizarre camera. But what I like about it is that Zeiss definitely did think out of the box!  Integrated Lightroom, direct internet connection, large touchscreen operations, 512GB SSD and minimalistic design. I sincerely thanks Zeiss for trying to find new ways to re-think a camera. Maybe Sony can take 1-2 ideas from Zeiss? I would love to be able to run apps like lightroom on my camera and send the photos directly to my google backup or Flickr account!