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  • The Mall Is an Armory Where Zombies Roam

    NYT: In Capcom’s action game Dead Rising, almost everything is a weapon, including mall benches, mannequin arms, stuffed animals and wire hangers. Not that beating a zombie with a stuffed animal is very effective, but you can do it. The game begins as Frank West, a photojournalist, arrives by helicopter in a small town that…

  • Text Games Get Film Treatment

    Wired: “It was a time where, for a while, the top-selling interactive games in the world were essentially books,” said Jason Scott, a Boston filmmaker and Unix system administrator who is shooting a documentary called Get Lamp about text adventure pioneers. As with his last film — a five-and-a-half-hour documentary about bulletin boards called BBS:…

  • Indie Game – Multiplayer Asteroids

    Indie Game – Multiplayer Asteroids

    From 4colorrebellion: So you say you want a time waster for this week-end? Here’s what I have for you: Multiplayer Asteroids! Multiplayer Asteroids combines the classic Asteroids gameplay we’ve learn to love with this unique and hectic multiplayer mayhem. Here.

  • Summer Already Over for State Island Arcade

    From the New York Times: Beachland has kept up with the times. Mr. Mancino was skeptical when video games came out, but now they dominate the place. Devotees of Dance Dance Revolution, a game of quick feet and moving arrows, have held tournaments there. These days, though, there are not many havens left for a…

  • Guitar Hero freeware editor for PC

    Sick of waiting for Guitar Hero 2? From Freetar: The video above shows the Freetar editor in use. This is the first of a two-part project to create a totally FREE PC rhythm based game that you can use any game pad with. Including guitar-shaped ones. Create and play your own songs, the way YOU…

  • The Dungeonman 3

    The Dungeonman 3

    From Homestarrunner, the new Apple-2-ish graphic/text adventure game, The Dungeonman 3. (Playable in browser.) Behold Thy Graphics!! Here.

  • I Am 8 Bit Art Opening

    I Am 8 Bit Art Opening

    From ProductDose: We went and checked out the opening of the I Am 8 Bit exhibition last night. This group show is the second annual exhibition of ‘80s gaming-inspired art, bringing together over 100 artists in a variety of mediums. The exhibition, co-curated by Jon M. Gibson, is on through May 19 at Gallery Nineteen…

  • Most Controversial Videogame Ads

    Most Controversial Videogame Ads

    From GamePro: Throughout the years, GamePro magazine has seen its share of ads that pushed the so-called “taste envelope.” There were even instances where GamePro‘s publisher actually turned away certain ads due to their unsuitable content. But some still managed to find their way into the magazine anyway. Here.

  • The Glory of the Shooter

    From Wired: Let us praise the joys of double-wielding a pair of Uzis with unlimited ammo; let us delight in the gorgeous fractal carnage of a rocket launcher as it slams into your target. Let us talk openly about how just totally awesome it is to grab a fully loaded railgun in Quake 4 and…

  • Crucifiction


    From the game Roma Victor: Brighton, UK. Britain will witness its first crucifixion for almost two millennia later this week, when Cynewulf is nailed to a cross as punishment for ganking other players as they first appear. Cynewulf, (in real life a 27 year-old electrical engineer from Flint, Michigan, USA) has no need to worry…

  • Will Wright: Dream Machines

    From Wired: Like the toys of our youth, modern videogames rely on the player’s active involvement. We’re invited to create and interact with elaborately simulated worlds, characters, and story lines. Games aren’t just fantasy worlds to explore; they actually amplify our powers of imagination. Here.

  • Life at the gamers farm

    Life at the gamers farm

    From we make money not art: Ge Jin, a PhD student from UCSD, is working on a video documentary about the gold farming phenomenon. His observations from his meetings with Chinese workers in various gold farming workshops: When I entered a gold farm for the first time (tietou’s gaming workshop in the preview), I was…

  • Missile Command documentary

    Missile Command documentary

    Documentary by Jeremy Mack on one man’s attempt to break the high score on the classic arcade game Missile Command: One quarter. Two Days. No Pause Button. Here.

  • The Anti-HUD Trend

    The Anti-HUD Trend

    From Wired: This, as it turns out, is a new revolution in games: the anti-HUD movement. Recently, several new games have renounced the HUD. In Doom 3, the ammo count for your chain gun is displayed not in a floating bar, but on the headstock of the gun. Peter Jackson’s King Kong doesn’t offer a…

  • Screenshots of new Super Mario Bros DS game
  • Final Fight!

    Final Fight!

    Wired reviews the latest incarnation of Final Fight, a game about which they say,  “For my my money, the original Final Fight was one of the best arcade games ever.” FYI, sounds like the new version sucks. Here.

  • Behind the Shadow: Fumito Ueda

    Behind the Shadow: Fumito Ueda

    Interview at Wired with Fumito Ueda, one of the most creative videogame designers. Here. “I really like boss fights in video games, and I wanted to create high-quality ones. When I start playing a game, I want to get to the boss fights quickly. Fighting a boss is a really fun element in games, and…

  • The Web This Morning

    Artist- Michael Slack Game Art – I am 8 bit Photography – Preparations for Khmer Rouge trials, Cambodia, by John Vink, Magnum Photos NYT – The Wild Web of China NYT – Gordon Parks, Master of the Camera, Dies at 93

  • The Web This Morning

    Artist – Megan Whitmarsh (especially look at the embroidery) Photography – Anti-racist demonstration in Paris, by Gueorgui Pinkhassov Wired – Scenes from the MySpace backlash NYT – Another White House briefing, another day of mutual mistrust NYT – Dungeon masters in cyberspace, D&D MMORPG NYT – Army to pay Halliburton unit most costs disputed by…

  • The Web This Morning

    Photos – War photography shot within first-person-shooters Photos – Matt Holloway, a photo each day of the year Art/Video – The Twisted Films of the artist PES Humor – Despair.Com Demotivating Posters 🙁 NYT – Carlotta Gall: Afghanistan producing bumper crop of heroin NYT – Wal-Mart chief executive’s postings on internal management website