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Ragnar Axelsson: Around Iceland in 80 Hours


Ragnar Axelsson, also known as RAX, is an Icelandic photographer who was born in 1958. He has been a photographer for Morgunbladid, Iceland’s biggest newspaper, since 1976. Axelsson has also shot numerous freelance projects for magazines and had exhibitions all over the world. Most recently, he took the new Leica M Monochrom (Typ 246) for 80 hours all over Iceland. Below he shares what he captured and his thoughts on the camera.

Celina Lunsford: Eyes Wide Open! 100 Years of Leica Photography

1913 Oskar Barnack Wetzlar Eisenmarkt ¬ Leica Camera AG

Over 200 photographs, documentary material, camera models and publications – on March 13 the Eyes Wide Open! 100 Years of Leica Photography exhibition will open at the Fotografie Forum Frankfurt. We talked with Celina Lunsford, the artistic director, about special discoveries, the Leica myth and the appeal of iconic images.

How to Use a Leica M Camera – by Craig Semetko

What makes the Leica M different from SLRs? Watch the above video to discover the capabilities of the Leica M with Craig Semetko, an American photographer based in Los Angeles. Craig’s work includes the books “UNPOSED,” which was released in 2010 and “INDIA UNPOSED” that came out in April 2014.

Ralph Gibson – Live at Leitz Park (video)

The Leica World in Wetzlar started out with a special cultural event in the New Year. Ralph Gibson, master of shadows and elegant nudes, talked about his life as photographer and about his experiences with the Leica M Monochrom during a lecture on January 16, 2015.

Mark Wallace: From DSLR to Rangefinder

In this episode of Exploring Photography, Mark Wallace (link is external) explains why he’s made the switch from a Canon DSLR system to the Leica M Rangefinder system. Here he explains why the Leica is the right tool for his travel photography needs. Learn how the smaller camera helps with size, weight, security, and more earning potential

Lars Netopil: 60 Years of Leica M

2014 is not just the 100th anniversary year of Leica photography, but it also marks the 60th birthday of the Leica M. To celebrate the occasion, the Leica Museum at Leitz Park presents a special exhibition spanning six decades of the Leica M-System. We were able to speak with Lars Netopil, curator of the exhibition.

Hans-Michael Koetzle: Eyes Wide Open

The exhibition “EYES WIDE OPEN! 100 YEARS OF LEICA PHOTOGRAPHY” opens at the Haus der Photographie at Hamburg’s Deichtorhallen on October 24. In addition to showing 500 photographs, there are technical exhibits, films and much more to attract photo enthusiasts to the city. LFI has produced a book of the same name in conjunction with the exhibition and talked to the curator Hans-Michael Koetzle.

The Cult Of The Leica Camera

As the German brand turns 100, Simon Garfield uncovers how the company has stood the test of time against its mega-giant rivals. Which may in fact be due to its tiny, yet remarkably distinctive, little red dot

via La Vida Leica!

A life with Leica (video)

Filmed over 7 days – A Life With Leica explores the philosophy behind Danish photographer Thorsten von Overgaard as he practices his craft throughout the streets of Rome, Italy.

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