Tim Hussin: Wildfire

There was a pretty big grass fire near the city on Monday. It seemed tame at first, but then it spread rapidly, pushing its way to the edge of many neighborhoods. I ended up abandoning my car and running around the neighborhood following the fire. Check it out here.

WPPh –> ENTER (World Press Photo)

Two of our galleries in edition ten deal with oppression – one in a country currently much in the headlines, Burma otherwise known as Myanmar, the other in the Czech Republic where minority Romany people are, according to our photographer, the victims of racism and discrimination. Check it out here.

Photo Essay: Congo Portraits

by Gary Knight, VII The Congolese are generally not the most willing of subjects particularly when they think that the photographer will somehow profit from the exchange at their expense. After a week or two struggling to work on stories on the Congo River I decided to engage in a collaboration with some of the […]

Anti-Terrorism Exercises in China – The Big Picture

Earlier in June, China launched a week-long series of anti-terrorist drills called “Great Wall 5”, in preparation for the upcoming 2008 Olympic Games. The drills involved emergency responders, “police forces, the People’s Armed Police, the People’s Liberation Army and the health, environmental protection, meteorology and transportation departments.” according to China’s Xinhua News Agency. Check it […]

John Moore – The Digital Journalist

View the “Pakistan” Feature Gallery by John Moore View the “Iraq” Feature Gallery by John Moore View the “Pan-American Highway” Feature Gallery by John Moore View the “Afghanistan ‘Frontline Helmand’” Movie by John Moore View the “Iraq ‘Camp Cropper’” Movie by John Moore View the “Zimbabwe – Photographer’s Journal” Movie by John Moore Check it […]