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Photo Essay: Lebanon: ” Photos by Antonin Kratochvil
Increasing radicalism among militant groups and a deepening chasm between Lebanon’s Sunni and Shiite population is sending the country spiraling downwards. Assassinations and a protracted political crisis is adding to the crisis.”

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Blueeyes: Portfolio, by Cosmin Bumbut: “Cosmin Bumbut’s work sits on the fence between the old world and the new. As one frame meets the next, the viewer is at once reminded of Josef Koudelka and Luc Delahaye. Villagers wait roadside for nothing to happen; men compete in black and white impromptu bodybuilding competitions. A lone fiery window glares out from a tenement building; a specter appears in front of a crossed doorway as if barred from entry.

Bumbut’s varied and unique work is at times frustrating: his children sleep with one eye open and fall from his viewfinder into the wide, grey sea, his subjects stare at you through glazed windows and pinholes. Like Delahaye’s images, one can sense both the familiarity and the unease the photographer and subject alike have within the moments the images are made.”


redlights and redeyes: portland or bust: “Portland has always been one of those cities which I knew I’d love the second I set foot in. I got an invite from Sol Neelman to join him for a little shindig with some of The Oregonian crew and a few who made the trip from the newspaper-lands. While I didn’t get to wander as much as I wanted to for photos, this trip was more about seeing old friends and meeting some new ones. One of those friends, the infamous Scott Strazzante, got hitched while I was there. It was a disgustingly cute ceremony in a small courthouse in Hillsboro, Oregon, witnessed by only a few photographers who only saw the ceremony through a darkened rectangle in the viewfinder with vows recited through a chorus of shutters.”


The Year in Pictures: Stormy Weather: “Extreme weather is a category of photography we don’t think much about here in New York City, but it has its fans, publishers, and practitioners just like any other genre. Top amongst these is probably Jim Reed, a 56 year old former writer and film-maker who moved from Los Angeles to Wichita, Kansas 16 years ago in order to be
near the strongest hurricanes and tornadoes in the country.”


…fredman eyes the visions…: Tefillin: “I finally edited this project, which I shot when I was interning at the Star-Ledger, I hoped to finish it while working there, but things ended and I didn’t have a chance to edit it during my final week. I learned a few important lessons — don’t gather too much audio and start editing audio quickly as you gather it, otherwise it becomes harder and harder to get around to it and finish the job. “

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