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Dateline: Iraq – Lens Blog –

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Dateline: Iraq – Lens Blog –

Moises Saman does not need a timetable to know that things have changed in Iraq — however tenuously — since his last rotation there a year ago as a photographer for The New York Times. “You hear music on the street sometimes,” he said Monday in a telephone interview from Baghdad. He’s also noticed that people linger outdoors at night. (Indeed, the music from the park opposite The Times’s bureau was so loud last night that it was hard to hear Mr. Saman sometimes.) “I think there’s more life on the street,” he said. “Without painting too rosy a picture, there’s a definite sense that life is moving.”

Showcase: A Magazine Worth Its Price ($25) – Lens Blog –

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Showcase: A Magazine Worth Its Price ($25) – Lens Blog –

Gary Knight can’t help himself. He has to go against common wisdom.

When photo agencies were converging and getting bigger, he helped found VII, a collectively owned boutique agency that produces the finest photojournalism. When experts on popular opinion said that content wanted to be free and that audience attention spans were shrinking, he helped start Dispatches, an intellectual journal, in words and photographs, that costs $25 for each quarterly edition.

Lucia Ganieva



Photographer Lucia Ganieva likes to photograph women. And with the three series featured below, working women. Born in Russia, Lucia now lives in the Netherlands and explores women in all walks of life. She still does much of her photographic work in Russia, and the images below reflect Russian factory workers, aging stars, and museum guards.

Behind the Scenes: New, but Seasoned

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Lens Blog –

Don’t let the term “summer intern” mislead you — if it brings to mind a novice in need of basic schooling. The three young photographers who are working at The Times this summer have already accumulated a lot of professional experience. And it shows in their work.

Work by Jenn Ackerman, Jessica Ebelhar, Justin Maxon.

On Assignment: The Big Ring

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DAVID W. DUNLAP – Lens Blog –

There are plenty of distractions at the circus, where every character seems slightly larger — and a whole lot more colorful — than in real life.

That’s exactly what Damon Winter didn’t want when he envisioned a series of portraits of the circus performers in the Coney Island Boom a Ring, a special summer presentation by Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey that opened on Thursday.

Oliver Weber | Marrakech


Oliver Weber | Photographer | Marrakech:

Oliver is a photographer who hails from Munich, Germany. Currently he lives and works on the Canary Island of La Gomera. His specialty areas are reportage, portrait and what has come to be recognized as street photography. He has become more widely known through numerous features with reputable magazines and publishing houses.
Through his 2007 exhibition “Humans” (Galerie Foto 21) in Bredevoort, Netherlands, Oliver Weber became more broadly accessible to an international audience. This occasion also saw the publication by Kulturbuch Verlag of his first book of photographs which was nominated for the German Photo Book Award.

marina black – versts | burn magazine


Marina Black – versts | burn magazine:

I came to Canada at the age of 28, not knowing a word of English. I never felt comfortable expressing myself in this language. However, photography has given me a voice. The camera has allowed me to “listen to” and re-examine, in their photographic retelling, my Russian memories, to sail back into the world that had seemed lost to me while I struggled with my new life and new identity in Canada.

Iran's Disputed Election – The Big Picture

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The Big Picture:

Following up from last Friday’s entry about Iran’s Presidential Election, Tehran and other cities have seen the largest street protests and rioting since the 1979 Iranian Revolution. Supporters of reform candidate Mir Hossein Mousavi, upset at their announced loss and suspicions of voter fraud, took to the streets both peacefully and, in some cases, violently to vent their frustrations. Iranian security forces and hardline volunteer militia members responded with force and arrests, attempting to stamp out the protests – meanwhile, thousands of Iranians who were happy with the election outcome staged their own victory demonstrations. Mousavi himself has been encouraging peaceful demonstrations, and called for calm at a large demonstration today (held in defiance of an official ban), as Iran’s supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei has just called for an official inquiry into accusations of election irregularities.