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Paolo Pellegrin Turns in a Great Performance of His Own

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Pellegrin traveled around the world to capture these movie stars in various locations. He also had the help of a post production team in Europe and the US to retouch the images. But I don’t think it dimishes the images — we want our movie stars to look immaculate and mythological. And these pictures do the trick. So apologies to Paolo for being a doubter. You killed it.

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James Whitlow Delano – From the "Train of Death" to the "Wall of Shame"

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Much has been made of the perils undocumented workers face crossing the southern border of the United States in search of work and a better life. For Central Americans, the U.S. border marks the end of one of the longest, most treacherous migrations on the planet. Still there has been a rise of 50 percent of undocumented Central Americans from Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras living in the U.S. since 2000.

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Angelo Guarracino – quizas mañana at burn magazine

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Walking through the streets of Oaxaca or its countryside, I felt a strange emotion in seeing the moments of daily life of “campesinos”, artisans, workers, old and young people. There was an incredible power, nearly like that of magic, to their faces. In spite of the heavy work, there was a serenity and a limpid hope in their eyes.

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