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Living with bombs: Laos and legacy of war | World news |

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Photographer Matt Sutton reports on the work of MAG (Mines Advisory Group) in Laos. The country was hit by an average one B52 bomb-load every eight minutes, 24 hours a day, between 1964 and 1973. Of the 260m “bombies” that rained down, particularly on Xieng Khouang province, 80m failed to explode, leaving a deadly legacy. These photos were taken over the past 12 years and are part of an ongoing book project. The book, Legacy of a Secret, was runner-up for the Leica European Publisher’s award

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The Year in Pictures: Sander & Sensibility


photo by William Eggleston

Sometimes an exhibition is many years in the making. Case in point
is the show I’m opening next week which deals with the ongoing influence the great photographer August Sander had and continues to have on photography. Most active from the early 1900s through the 1920s, Sander’s credo was simple: “I am not concerned with providing commonplace photographs like those made in the finer large-scale studios of the city, but simple, natural portraits that show the subjects in an environment corresponding to their own individuality.”

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Mandela's Children – The Digital Journalist

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Photo by David Turnley

In 1985, I proposed that the Detroit Free Press send me to South Africa to attempt to photograph everyday life under apartheid. I was convinced that the reality, the indignities, and the ambiguities of daily existence in South Africa also spoke to the tragedies of segregation and prejudice in my own country.

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25 Under 25: Up-and-Coming American Photographers – The Digital Journalist

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Making photographs is and isn’t child’s play. For many of the young photographers in this book, the camera became part of their lives at an early age, and in years they are not far removed from their own childhoods. Still, looking at their photographs, we know at once that they have left childhood behind to take on challenging issues and subjects and to seize those compelling moments when photographs are made.

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