Introducing Adobe Configurator

Adobe Configurator (screenshots 1, 2), a new utility that’s due to ship on Adobe Labs around the end of the month, is a key part of our strategy.  Configurator makes it easy to snap together your own Photoshop panels (a.k.a. palettes).  Think of Configurator as a box of Legos–an app that lets you drag and […]

PhotoShelter updates

Exciting updates are on the way this month for the PhotoShelter Personal Archive. In mid-October, you’ll see many of your most requested new features, like: Easier customization. New tools will simplify customization — you’ll have templates to quickly blend sales, search, and gallery functionality into your website. New look. We’re simplifying navigation and sprucing up […]

The DNG Profile Editor: What's it all about?

When we look back at how things changed with the arrival of Lightroom 2, I think the new DNG Profile Editor (presently kind of a sleeper technology) will stand out as transformative.  The technology was largely developed by Eric Chan, a bright young guy on the Camera Raw team (and aspiring photographer).  I’ve always found […]

Adobe DNG Profiles and Profile Editor

Till now both Camera Raw and Lightroom have provided a means for calibrating ones own camera, or for creating a custom look, but this has always been a tedious processes (aided by scripts, such as those by Thomas Fors), and so not many people bothered. Therefore, whereas some people choose their raw processing program for […]

DNG Profiles:Editor – Adobe Labs

This page contains tutorials and documentation to help photographers get started with using the DNG Profile Editor. The DNG Profile Editor is a software program designed and implemented by Adobe. Its purpose is to enable photographers to edit camera profiles and it is being offered as a free download to the photographic community. Please note […]

Adobe Releases Photoshop Lightroom 2

Adobe Systems Incorporated (Nasdaq:ADBE) today announced the immediate availability of Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 2 software, the photographer’s essential toolbox for managing, adjusting and presenting large volumes of digital photographs. With new enhancements such as dual-monitor support, radical advances in non-destructive localized image correction, and streamlined search capabilities, Lightroom 2 is a compelling upgrade that simplifies […]