Pathways from Darkroom to Digital

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In a new book, “From Darkroom to Daylight,” Harvey Wang interviews fellow-photographers and other renowned photo-world professionals about their experiences navigating technological changes in the medium. Some, such as Sally Mann, have continued to rely on early photographic processes; others, such as Stephen Wilkes, have eagerly embraced the possibilities of digital. Below are excerpts from Wang’s conversations with those and other artists, accompanied by images that embody each of their photographic practices. The aim in initiating these dialogues, Wang writes in the book’s introduction, is to find out “if other photographers’ worlds were turned upside down when they stopped mixing chemicals and isolating themselves in the dark.”

This Week In Photography Books: Sol Neelman

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This is the kind of book that is very hard not to like. In fact, if you hate it, I’ll have to accuse you of lacking any sense of humor whatsoever. Which means you’re no fun, so I’d rather you spent your Friday reading time elsewhere.

Collective book: Congo by Paolo Pellegrin and Alex Majoli published by Aperture

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Magnum photographers Paolo Pellegrin and Alex Majoli present a collaborative document of the Congo and its people. Bringing together the best of each photographer’s personal styles as well as experimental forays into abstraction and collage, this volume captures what Alain Mabanckou describes as a full range of the landscape, “from urban scenes to great forests and back, reflecting the way it is in most African societies today.” With no captions or individual photo credits, the densely printed images—presented on full-bleed pages, as gatefolds, or as double-spread gatefolds—become wholly immersive.

A look at Eli Reed’s career in the book, A Long Walk Home

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Whether he’s photographing Hollywood actors or armed militia men, Eli Reed’s work can be characterized by a distinct sense of humanity and empathy. His book, A Long Walk Home, which was published by University of Texas Press in May, is an expansive testament to this quality through more than 250 black-and-white images from several continents and more than five decades covering a wide spectrum of subjects.

Olivia Arthur’s Stranger


This new project by Olivia Arthur takes as its starting point a shipwreck that happened in 1961 and traces the footsteps of a fictional survivor through the modern city.

On Daido: 31 Photographers Pay Tribute to Japan’s Most Inspiring Image-maker

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Daido Moriyama is one of the most influential photographers in the history of the medium—but why take our word for it? The forthcoming book On Daido, from FBF, the publishing branch of the not-for-profit Fotobookfestival Kassel, features homages from 31 photographers and 21 writers exploring what it is about his deceptively simple images that continue to captivate and inspire so many to follow suit. The book is being funded through Indiegogo and, as of this writing, is about two-thirds away from target with just over two days left in the campaign.

Paul Schiek TBW Books Interview

There’s a whole process to looking at books. You know this as a reviewer. You look at them in a certain way, in a certain environment. Are you standing up, or are you sitting down? Are you drinking a beer, or are you not?

I take all these things into consideration. Who is my audience? How are they going to experience this? I love, love, love thinking about all those things.

Book : Encerrados 10 years, 74 prisons by Valerio Bispuri


Valerio Bispuri photographed prisoners, cells, but his camera was on something else. This was the lack of freedom that often precedes  the life of whoever ends up in prison. The lack of freedom, and thus of choice, is what has convicted the thousands of prisoners that Bispuri has caught with his camera. The prisons he entered in Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Brazil, Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia and Venezuela are among the most dangerous on the Latin American continent. ”

Eli Reed’s Long Walk Home

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“I just kept working at things to try to understand where I was coming from,” he said. “If you don’t try, nothing will happen. This world is so temporary, it would be nice that when we leave it, we leave something of substance behind. I’m not a pacifist or a Pollyanna. I just know there is a better way of doing things.”

Nothing but Pictures: Alex Majoli and Paolo Pellegrin’s “Congo”

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There are a lot of great pictures in the colossal new book “Congo” (Aperture, 2015), by the photographers Alex Majoli and Paolo Pellegrin: pictures of immense panoramic scope and texture, pictures of deep, elaborate landscapes and of the human dramas that play out across them, scenes of labor, scenes of commerce, scenes of festivity, and scenes of tranquility, crowd scenes and portraits, interiors and exteriors, urban, rural, and wilderness, day and night, life and death.

Playground Pain and Pleasure

The following is drawn from the Jon Ronson’s foreword to the book “Playground,” by James Mollison, which is out April 30th from Aperture.

Book: A New Look at Urban Mobility by Gueorgui Pinkhassov

Casablanca Pinkhassov Magnum Photos

The RATP invited the Franco-Russian photographer Gueorgui Pinkhassov to shoot a report on five cities: Casablanca, Florence, London, Paris and Seoul. Through these 60 color photographs, gathered in the book Un nouveau regard sur la mobilité urbaine (Éditions La Martinière), Pinkhassov shares his view of urban mobility. Human figures stand out or blend into the background as blazing colors sparkle from the predominantly dark tone of the images. Pinkhassov offers a metaphor for life, its movements and heartbeat.

3 Ways to Publish Your Photo Book


There comes a point in a photographer’s life when publishing a book seems like a logical step. The coffee table book represents a platonic ideal for a photo project that is both long-term and worthy of considerations by others. Yet, even with the advent of high quality on-demand solutions like Blurb, book publishing is still fraught with challenges. We present three different approaches to book publishing in the 21st century.

Dressing Up: Fashion Week NYC with Lee Friedlander

In 2006, Lee Friedlander was hired by New York Times Magazine Director of Photography Kathy Ryan to photograph backstage at the Marc Jacobs, Donna Karan, Calvin Klein, Zac Posen, Oscar de la Renta and Proenza Schouler shows

The book, Photographers’ Sketchbooks, shows the creative process of photographers from around the world.

“You often hear that everyone’s a photographer these days, which is true and wonderful and I love it. But what sets these photographers apart is all the time they spend not taking pictures,” said Bryan Formhals, a photographer and writer who created the book with Stephen McLaren. “They spend so much time editing and thinking and writing and researching. It’s not just about pressing the button on the camera.”