Magnum Legacy – Bruce Davidson


The second in an acclaimed series of illustrated biographies of Magnum photographers, this volume chronicles the life and work of Bruce Davidson, a truly American artist, iconoclast, and humanist.

Mossless Teams Up with International Center of Photography for Issue 4

Mossless4 lisa lindvay hold together

Romke Hoogwaerts, founder of the experimental photography publication Mossless, has returned to Kickstarter to raise funds for Mossless Issue 4: Public/Private/Portrait. A collaboration with the ICP, issue 4 is focused on the way the portraiture and the idea of the private vs. public self has changed. It’s shaping up on to be Mossless’ biggest endeavor yet, which is no small feat, considering the quality of Hoogweaerts’ last issue, The United States.

Marjorie Salvaterra: HER: Meditations On Being Female

HER FlatCover

Photographic Artist Marjorie Salvaterra has created a unique recipe for the perfect visual cocktail. One part Fellini, one part Mom, one part Actress, a splash of Hollywood, a twist of irony, rimmed with a salty sense of humor, definitely shaken, not stirred and poured into an icy glass of self-awareness.  This delicious concoction is being celebrated in a new monograph, HER: Meditations On Being Female

Jacques Revon : A history of photography from film to digital, photographers… photographed


The book is titled: “A history of photography from film to digital, photographers… photographed”. It is published by L’Harmattan. It is signed by Jacques Revon.

It is terrific. A work crammed full of nostalgia and passion. The story of a real photographic fanatic from a family that’s also all contaminated by this love of film. The story of a wonder that’s still intact 67 years later.

Why Photo Zines Are More Important Than Ever

Common senses highlights the importance of printed matter body image 1458755551 size 1000

At a time when people can get all their news and scroll through a zillion photos before they’re out of bed, what’s the point of putting a printed object out? Finding communities and people who are like-minded make me feel a little less insane about the fight for printed matter so I asked Juan and Carlos a couple of questions about the show and their own thoughts about the final fate of print

Powerful Photos of Five Years of Upheaval in the Middle East

Moises Saman: In Discordia, I felt the need to transcend the “news” aspect of the story, and instead work with the slightly more imprecise images that, in my opinion, offer a more nuanced narrative, one that was more in tune with my personal experience in the region

Ken Light: What’s Going On?

978 0692476604

These photographs offer a portrait of America the way it really was for me as I lived it and documented it from 1969, when I turned 18 and first began to identify myself as a photographer, through President Nixon s resignation in 1974, which many consider the true end of the decade.

Jamey Stillings: It’s About the Journey: Printing The Evolution of Ivanpah Solar at Steidl

Stillings Ivanpah Solar Book Cover 4500

The marriage of a significant photography project (with stellar imagery and prints) and the undeniably finest publishing house in the world results in a creation and collaboration that rises to the level of something quite spectacular. In this case, Jamey Stillings was the creator of that stellar project and recently joined forces with Steidl books to publish The Evolution of Ivanpah Solar. Jamey kept a diary of his on-press experience at Steidl and today, he shares that journey from photographs to book

Leap Day Rant

At this point “photobook of the year” is a rough equivalent for “photographer of the year”. Then come the lists of the lists. (Photolia, Andthewinnersare, Ohtopbook, HAFNY, Don’t Take Pictures, Streetshootr, etc) Then comes the whining about the lists. Then the whining about the whining. Then the whining about the lists of lists of lists. You need a bookie to keep track of it all.

Eugene : Brian Lanker, From the Heart


In 2011 Brian Lanker suddenly and swiftly died of cancer. At his memorial service, a coterie of photographers focused on the need for a book not only on Brian’s excellent photographs but one that celebrated the remarkable, engaging nature of the man.



For this installment, they have enlisted the talents of Ryan Florig, Valerie J Bower, Vincent Tullo, John Kilar, Chris Macarthur and Troy Holden to grace the sleek black and white pages.

The work of Walker Evans is collected in the book, Walker Evans: Depth of Field.

4 jpg CROP original original

Walker Evans may be best known for his 1935 and 1936 Farm Security Administration documentary photos, but he had a long career that explored a range of styles and techniques. Walker Evans: Depth of Field, which Prestel published in November, provides the most comprehensive book-length look yet at the work of one of the greatest artists of the 20th century.

Our Favourite Australian Photo Books of 2015


Self-publishing was huge in 2015, even bigger than the years before. This is probably because it’s quite affordable and accessible now. Plus the only way to really cut through the noise on social media and say, “Hey, I’m pretty proud of this work and would maybe even like to make a small amount of money from it (or at least recoup some of my costs),” is to commit something to paper. Here’s a shortlist of our favourite photo books to come out of Australia this year.