LENSCRATCH Student Prize Honorable Mention Winner: Marlena Jablonska | LENSCRATCH

Join us in congratulating Marlena Jablonska for her honorable mention in the 2017 Lenscratch Student Prize.  It is understandable the desire to re-image old fables as their themes are reminiscent of development and coming of age. Within contemporary photography, fables have been prompts for tableaux, and other narrative driven projects, to dress up these very humanistic, basic themes.  Marlena, dissecting what exactly fables are, finds herself returning home and photographing the changes that she faces.  Her introspection becomes the story, lore in real-time, void of color and excitement as she navigates through spaces once familiar.  This perspective, highlighted by Marlena’s somber aesthetic, provided a peculiarity that we agreed was unique and deserving of recognition.