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Dave Jordano: A Detroit Nocturne | LENSCRATCH

The masterful Dave Jordano has a new book, A Detroit Nocturne, published by PowerHouse Books. This new monograph continues his documentation of Detroit and reflects a life of looking at people and places with sensitivity and depth. In 2015, he released Detroit: Unbroken Down (powerHouse Books, 2015) which documented the lives of struggling residents, but this new monograph allows us to examine the history and beauty of Detroit at night. Places that are unremarkable in the daylight, take on new incarnations, glowing and proud. The photographs are not nostalgic, instead they are a tribute to the past and present, to the tenacity of a people and a city. As Dave states, “Pieces of the past, present, and future are rendered here to carefully consider. They are after all the physical evidence of where we have carved out our collective ambitions and lived out our dreams.”

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