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SF Chronicle Doubles A1 Photos Shot by Women Photographers | PDNPulse

According to data compiled by the organization Women Photograph, San Francisco Chronicle was far and away the leader among major newspapers in publishing A1 lead photographs shot by women in 2018. Forty-one percent of the Chronicle’s A1 images were shot by women, which nearly doubled their 2017 mark of 23.4 percent. According to Women Photograph, which promotes women journalists, other publications showed slight increases in 2018, but most continued the practice of publishing A1 images made by men more than 80 percent of the time; for several publications that number was more than 90 percent. At 26 percent, The Washington Post had the second-highest percentage of A1 lead images by women. Just 5.4 percent of The Wall Street Journal‘s lead images were by women, according to the Women Photograph data.

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