Ibarionex Perello: The Candid Frame | LENSCRATCH



Because today is Valentine’s Day and the 14th day of the month, I thought it was a good day to give some love and acknowledgement to my friend Ibarionex Perello and his 14-year effort, The Candid Frame, which features over 500 compelling and insightful podcasts on photography and photographers. When first meeting Ibarionex, it’s hard not to be drawn to his smile and shining eyes, or his stellar capture of street photography around the world, but it’s his deep resonate voice that seals the deal. I’ve listened to a lot of photography podcasts over the years and there is something different about The Candid Frame. As a host, Ibarionex brings a level of  curiosity, humanity, and reverence to his investigations. The interviews are never cursory, but well-researched and meaningful and definitely worth a listen.