Charles Rozier: House Music | LENSCRATCH

Charles Rozier has a new book, House Music, from Dewi Lewis Publishing, that aptly describes a world filled with the music of children, dogs, relatives, friends, and family under one roof. I first featured the project in 2013 and was moved by his personal photographic legacy. The work now spans almost thirty years, beginning with black and white capture, eventually moving into color, where the spectrum becomes another character in his tableaux of every day life. There is an honest seeing in his work, moments that are at the same time poignant, humorous, and ordinary. He takes us through the corridors and rooms of his life with the stealth of a street photographer, showing us those memories that only the camera can retain. He states, Though not staged, these images differ from the purely documentary in that they generally remain ambiguous; I believe they are more likely to raise questions than give answers. In each one I am searching for an unexpected moment or undertone, captured within an ordinary but formally complete, evocative space.”