Publisher’s Spotlight: Brown Owl Press – LENSCRATCH

Publisher's Spotlight: Brown Owl Press - LENSCRATCH

Publisher’s Spotlight: Brown Owl Press – LENSCRATCH

This past year we have been focusing on books on Lenscratch. In order to understand the contemporary photobook landscape, we are interviewing and celebrating significant photography book publishers, large and small, who are elevating photographs on the page through design and unique presentation. We are so grateful for the time and energies these publishers have


Brown Owl Press is an independent publisher of photo books and zines based in Newcastle-upon-Tyne in the United Kingdom. Founded in 2013 by Al Palmer, they focus on narrative photographic stories in printed form. Brown Owl Press was initially inspired by such publishing concerns as Antler Press, A-Jump Books and Little Brown Mushroom. Palmer drew the logo and a two year plan out in a coffee shop in Honolulu while traveling, and started Brown Owl Press when he returned to the UK later that year. 23 releases later and they’re still going strong.

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