Staying Sharp: veteran news shooter seeks new challenges

From RobGalbraith:

“You have to set a goal for yourself every year,” Dresling says, explaining what that experience taught him. “I do it partly because it’s fun, but also to keep myself on my toes because if you let everything roll over you, you’ll be out of business in a short period of time.”


Thomas E. Witte on building a website for the professional photographer

From, Thomas E. Witte on building a website for the professional photographer:

If you set a pile of Lincoln Logs down in front of a 5-year-old they’ll eventually figure out how to make a house out of them. Likewise, two weeks after plopping a $900 design program in to my computer, I eventually created a rudimentary frames based site that while designed so-so, had major flaws in terms of advertising myself.


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