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This is hands down, my new favorite blog. I know it’s a one-note joke, but it’s perfect.  Guy responding to Craigslist Missed Connections ads with those simple four words. With a mouthful of Baby Ruth and water, I nearly choked to death when I burst out laughing and half the candy bar went into my lungs. Thanks to WFMU’s Beware the Blog for the link. Here’s a sample and the link follows:

it was about 1 am on monday night/tuesday morning. you were wearing a magenta colored dress and lime green shoes. i usually don’t like hipster looking girls but you were adorable. we had a couple staredowns but i’m way to shy to do anything about it. i was the tall skinny white guy with a Mets hat on and a blue and white tattoo on my forearm. e-mail me if you think this is you.

Re: To the girl I saw at the Lorimer St. L platform – m4w – 25

That’s my girl, asshole.



Ryan Heshka is an old soul trapped in the body of a 36-year-old. A Vancouver transplant via Manitoba, he has spent the better part of the last decade painting canvases featuring pin-up girls fighting space invaders, giant creatures battling for dominance, and outlandish landscapes that look like they were torn out of a 1930’s comic book. For Heshka, vintage is not something that is old, but rather an object that is timeless, and he translates that concept vividly to his paintings and commercial work. Juxtapoz caught up with Heshka as he was putting the finishing touches on a few paintings for his up-coming show NEO PULP at Orbit Gallery in Edge Water, NJ opening June 23.


Washington Post:

Karl — a.k.a. John Ukec Lueth Ukec, the Sudanese ambassador to Washington — held a news conference at the National Press Club yesterday to respond to President Bush’s new sanctions against his regime. In his hour-long presentation, he described a situation in his land that bore no relation to reality.

Genocide in the Darfur region? “The United States is the only country saying that what is happening in Darfur is a genocide,” Ukec shouted, gesticulating wildly and perspiring from his bald crown. “I think this is a pretext.”

Ah. So what about the more than 400,000 dead? “See how many people are dying in Darfur: None,” he said.

And the 2 million displaced? “I am not a statistician.”


From the NYT Magazine:

The more we talked over the following 18 months, however, the more painful his adolescence began to sound. Apatow was always small for his age, and he grew adept at making fun of himself before others could. He began audiotaping “Saturday Night Live” when he was 11, transcribing the show and then trying to figure how they made it funny. When TV Guide arrived each week, Apatow would underline all the comics scheduled to appear on “The Mike Douglas Show.”

Apatow’s childhood hero was Steve Martin. On a summer trip to L.A., Apatow persuaded his grandparents to drive by Martin’s home until Apatow spied his hero in the driveway. Martin wouldn’t give him an autograph, so Apatow wrote him an angry letter saying it was his patronage of Martin’s projects that allowed him to live the high life. A few weeks later, Martin sent Apatow a copy of his book “Cruel Shoes” with an apology: “I’m sorry. I didn’t realize I was speaking to the Judd Apatow.”


great piece on david alan harvey’s blog, talking about William Albert Allard. Allard is a pure photographer. I first saw him speak in 1989 and I could probably recite several choice Allard quotes from memory eighteen years later.

A great read:

the first words i ever heard out of william albert allard’s mouth were “why didn’t this guy win?” he stomped across the room, grabbed one of my b&w 16×20 prints and held it up for all to see…”___dammit , this guy shoulda won!!”…..we were in minneapolis , allard’s hometown, for a “College Photographer of the Year” contest sponsored by the NPPA…

i was in grad school at the Universtiy of Missouri and i had been previously judged as “second place” in this nationwide contest….allard did not think i was judged fairly….and allard always speaks out…always..


Every Sunday I go through the list of new releases on Netflix. Here are two that I’m sure you’ll soon be renting:

Drive Thru (2007)

Nothing ever happens in the tiny Orange County, Calif., town of Blanca Carne, but that’s about to change. Hella Burger’s evil mascot, Horny the Clown (Van De La Plante), is on a murderous rampage. Tired of seeing her friends slaughtered by Horny’s meat cleaver, 17-year-old Mackenzie (Leighton Meester) decides to put an end to his killing spree. Nicholas D’Agosto, Lola Glaudini and Larry Joe Campbell co-star in this darkly comic terror-fest.

The Greatest Tractor Show on Earth Ever (2007)

Some titles say it all, and this document of the Cheffins Tractor Millennium is no exception. All told, 1,958 tractors turned up for this extravaganza in the summer of 2000. The event was capped off by the great dynamometer horsepower challenge, which pits modern tractors against vintage machines. Participants include John Deere, Fordson, Marshall, Doe and Caterpillar. Relive the magic of this thrilling event for tractor enthusiasts.

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