D for Vendetta

From Wired:

The plot doesn’t make much sense, either. V blows up a building, liquidates a bunch of high-powered enemies and threatens to overthrow the powers that be. The government’s response? To send two cops to track him down. Two cops! Some police state.


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Vendetta Behind 'V for Vendetta'

New York Times piece by Dave Itzkoff on graphic novelist Alan Moore, who created Watchmen and V For Vendetta, and lost the rights to his work. Here.

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No more old stuff

That’s the last of the old content. I needed to have it all linked through the blog so that people can find it. Back to the new content.

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Olbermann and O'Reilly

 From MSNBC: Bill O’Reilly is threatening callers to his radio show who mention Olbermann’s name. Ted Baxter told uncooperative listeners that he’ll turn their phone numbers over to Fox security, and that Fox security will in turn contact the local authorities. Here.

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Comments/Links fixed

It only took me twenty minutes to find the solution, but it looks like links to entries and comments are now working. Wish this wordpress stuff was easier to fix. Not like I’m an idiot on these computers, you know?

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Stuff Busted

I know the blog is mostly busted. That’s why only a couple of you even know about it right now. I’m working on it.

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