How to Add Words to Pictures

How do you go tackle writing about your photographs? This question poses possibly the most vexing challenge for most photographers. I keep coming back to it because I write about other people’s pictures, and I listen to or read what photographers say or write about their own work. In some ways, the preceding is going to be a variant of older pieces (you can find them here and here). However, now I feel that I have more clarity about the subject than before.
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The Return of Live Sports: Celebrating the Women Who Capture the Moment - PhotoShelter Blog

Find out which women in sports photography inspire PhotoShelter members Sarah Sachs, Jennifer Stewart, Abbie Parr and Casey Brooke.

As live sports begin to make a comeback, we want to take this opportunity to talk about representation, and to highlight some incredible women in sports photography. These women are creating stunning images and leading the way for other aspiring photographers in the field (and on the field).

The Photographer Peeking at Your Phone

Jeff Mermelstein’s photo collection “#nyc” captures the quotidian dramas taking place on the phone screens of unsuspecting strangers.

In October of 2017, the photographer Jeff Mermelstein, who has been taking pictures of New York City street life since the early nineteen-eighties, was walking in midtown, on one of his near-daily shooting expeditions, when he encountered something he had never thought to capture before. “It was somewhere around Eighth Avenue and the mid-Forties,” Mermelstein told me from his home in Brooklyn, when I called him the other day. “I noticed that a woman was sitting there, tapping something out on her phone.” Operating on half-conscious instinct, as he often does when photographing, Mermelstein raised his own phone, went up to the woman, and took a picture, focussing not on her, as he might usually have done, but on the screen of her device. “She was doing a Google search, and it was something about wills, and a line came up about finding six thousand dollars in an attic. It was just a couple of lines there, but I suddenly felt, This could be the germ of a short story. It was a galvanizing moment.”
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Photography Workshops in 2020: Where Do We Go From Here? - PhotoShelter Blog

Find out how major photography workshop organizations have changed their 2020 plans due to COVID-19. Plus, take a look at who's still in session.

While we typically bring you a list of 40+ workshops to consider, we’re changing that approach this year. Below, you’ll find details about how popular workshops have pivoted due to the pandemic. Predictably, many have adopted online models while a handful of others have chosen to cancel their plans altogether.

Limiting and Reflecting on my Digital Output - by Simon King - 35mmc

Before the widespread use of recorded sound, if you were a music aficionado with a favored piece of baroque music you would be lucky if you heard it more than a handful of times in your lifetime. The circumstances of the orchestra necessary to perform the

Powerful work cannot be rushed, and the slow, decisive approach to producing and sharing such images ensure that their relevancy goes beyond simply grabbing the front page – the intent is not to break the story but rather to tell it holistically and conscientiously.

The photography school for children on the Syrian border

Sirkhane Darkroom teaches vulnerable communities how the act of documentation can help them to process their own experience.

As the Director of Sirkhane Darkroom, photographer Serbest Salih teaches young people from vulnerable communities – many of them refugees – how to use cameras to process the world around them.

Magnum Photos Nominates Five Photographers to Join Its Organization

Magnum, which is entirely owned by photographers, started its historic membership program back in 1955.

This year, Magnum presents five new prospects, who will first join the organization as nominees before potentially gaining admission to the Magnum collective as lifelong members. The international cohort includes Khalik Allah (USA), Sabiha Çimen (Turkey), Colby Deal (USA), Yael Martínez (Mexico), and Hannah Price (USA), and demonstrates an abiding interest in amplifying a diverse perspective, both in terms of photographer and subject.

Photojournalism Now: Friday Round Up – 26 June 2020

This week on Photojournalism Now: Friday Round Up – Australia’s premier photo collective Oculi welcomes nine new members and the exhibition APA Stories competition which celebrates long…

Australia’s premier photo collective has doubled its membership with the announcement of nine new members:

Why Photo Editors Need to Hire Black Photographers Every Day

And not only during a crisis.

I recently spoke with Scruggs and three other Black photo editors and photographers about covering this moment and what needs to change: Lynsey Weatherspoon, a photographer based in Atlanta; Wale Agboola, a photographer based in Minneapolis; and Brent Lewis, photo editor at the New York Times and cofounder of Diversify Photo. They talked about the inherent subjectivity of photojournalism, the racist distribution of power and opportunity in the industry, and their demands for a sustained commitment to make photography more Black, far into the future.