l e n s c r a t c h: Ashley Gilbertson

Ashley Gilberston is a name you will be hearing a lot of in the future. In case you missed it in the NY Times Magazine on Sunday, Ashley had a series of heartbreaking images that accompanied the article, The Shrine Down the Hall, written by Dexter Filkins, about the bedrooms of America's young war dead have left behind. The series is called Bedrooms of the Fallen.

War Memorials With Neatly Made Beds

Ashley Gilbertson is covering the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan from the homes of those who died in combat, Miki Meek reports.

Since 2007, Ashley Gilbertson has been recording the bedrooms to which young American service members will never return. “You walk into these rooms,” he said, “and you feel like these are the kids you used to hang out with.” “I’ve been covering conflict and war for more than 10 years, but this is the first time that I’ve really felt like a war photographer,” said Mr. Gilbertson, who is based in New York.

dispatches / War and Photography – Part 1

dispatches says:

Is the current style of photojournalism stale? Does the current trend for commenting on the aesthetics of photojournalism detract from the stories that photographers want to communicate? What can photojournalists learn from the art world?

Comments from Gary Knight, Tim Hetherington, MaryAnne Golon, and Ashley Gilbertson.
Filmed on 22 May 2009 at VII Gallery, Brooklyn