Oskar Barnack Award Jury Session

On April 12th the Oskar Barnack Jury met in Frankfurt, Germany to review the entries. This year’s jury included: Anna Grip, Editor of Photonews in Germany; Karin Rehn-Kaufmann, Director of the Leica Gallery in Salzburg, Austria; Stanley Greene, a Professional Photographer based in France and the USA and Mark Rykoff, Photo Editor at Time.com. After many, many hours of reviewing submissions, the winners were selected. Here’s a video with a behind-the-scenes glimpse at the judges deliberating.

Stanley Greene's Redemption and Revenge

In his pictures and his words, Stanley Greene is outspoken. Michael Kamber interviewed this freewheeling figure.

I wanted to set the record straight. I kept hearing people say, “Chechnya was when you really started to be a photographer.” And that’s not true. I was shooting back at the Berlin Wall, but nobody knew about it. I fell through the cracks. I wanted a way to say that my influences are not the ones you think they are. They are about painting. They are about music. They are about other things. The way I’ve been shooting really hasn’t changed since back in the ’70s, before all these new photographers emerged. My old work, like rock and roll, really nails it.

Perpignan Friday Conference on Conflict Photography

comments from the press conference this morning with Stanley Greene, Yuri Kozyrev, Lucas Menget, and Patrick Robert — the conflict journalist’s speak. These photographers have all made incredible images in the most difficult places imaginable

Check it out here.

PDN Pulse- Photographers Evicted from Brooklyn "Kibbutz"

PDNPulse: “Paolo Pellegrin, David Alan Harvey, Alex Majoli, Robert Clark, Stanley Greene and Kadir van Lohuizen are among the photographers who had to evacuate their building in the Williamsburg section of Brooklyn on Sunday due to fire hazards and building code violations. An AP story reports that the loft building at 475 Kent Street – affectionately referred to as ‘the kibbutz’ among the photojournalists who have lived, partied or slept on couches there – was evacuated Sunday night after two silos of grain were discovered in the basement. In addition to being infested with rats, the grain is also a fire hazard, according to New York’s Office of Emergency Management, which has been coordinating the effort to clear the building. Tenants report that a bakery that makes matzoh had been operating without a license in the building.”

Heroes of Photography

(Thanks to A Photo A Day for pointing this out to me.)
From American Photo, “a tribute to ten photographers who inspire us”:

Not one of the photographers featured on the following pages wanted to be called a hero. We sympathize: The word is immodest and certainly overused these days. Nonetheless, we can’t help but consider them heroic, and when you read their stories, we think you’ll understand why.

The photographers are:
Phil Borges, John Dugdale, Timothy Fadek, Stanley Greene, Chris Hondros, Yunghi Kim, Joseph Rodriguez, Fazal Sheikh, Brent Stirton, Hazel Thomspon

The photo above is from Stanley Greene. His book on Chechnya, Open Wound, sits on my bookshelf. It’s too powerful to go through in one sitting.

American Photo’s Heroes of Photography
A Photo A Day