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In 2020, the photography industry was plagued with widespread job cancellations due to COVID-19, plus trips and workshops postponed courtesy of travel bans. But despite all of the challenges and unknowns, you adapted.  We recently asked more than a thousa

Today, we’re thrilled to share The Photographer’s Outlook on 2021. Download your free guide now to see how photographers remained imaginative and adaptable despite an arduous year, including firsthand accounts of what worked and what didn’t, advice on where to focus your efforts and more.
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Understanding ProRAW

A journey into cameras, RAW, and a look at what makes ProRAW so special —  and how it could change how everyone shoots and edits on iPhone.

We make the most popular RAW camera for iPhone, so when Apple revealed their new ProRAW image format, we were beyond excited.

Dotan Saguy: Nowhere to go but Everywhere - LENSCRATCH

When I drive through the streets of Los Angeles, I am overwhelmed by the homeless encampments that are literally everywhere–in door ways, under freeway over passes, in every park in the city–clusters of tents are now a ubiquitous part of the landscape. Co

Portuguese Week: Tito Mouraz - LENSCRATCH

Today we present the work of Tito Mouraz, a Portuguese photographer from the interior north of the country. He too, enjoys to photographically approach the themes of landscape, memory, myth and nature.  The first major work in Tito Mouraz’s career was Ope

Leica SL2-S is an Action-Focused Camera: 24.6MP BSI Sensor, 25 FPS

Leica has announced the SL2-S, a 24.6-megapixel L-Mount full-frame mirrorless camera that puts more emphasis on speed and video performance than the

The Leica SL2-S is the first Leica to feature a BSI sensor and is positioned by the company to be a “premium segment” full-frame camera suited for action photography and high-end video.
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Leica SL2-S Announced | Red Dot Forum

Today, Leica has announced the Leica SL2-S professional mirrorless camera. This new member of the SL family doesn't replace the existing SL2. Rather, the SL2-S complements it, offering enhanced video capabilities, superior low light performance, and faste

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Cameras and Lenses – Bartosz Ciechanowski

Over the course of this article we’ll build a simple camera from first principles. Our first steps will be very modest – we’ll simply try to take any picture. To do that we need to have a sensor capable of detecting and measuring light that shines onto it.
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Fixing our trust in content - Kaptur

How visual content is seeking to capture trust via a new industry standard

According to a recent study, over 63% of Americans say they often come across fake images online. Whether those images are truly faked or perceived as such, the damage is done. We are rapidly losing trust in what we see, our evolutionary number source of information. If this trend continues, photography and video will soon be seen as purely artistic mediums, alongside painting or sketching. Adobe, with its year-old initiative, the Content Authenticity Initiative, plans to combat this trend and recently displayed how.
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