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  • Eggmanland

    Eggmanland. Here.
  • Pure Evil Meets M-City

    From Wooster Collective: I went to the Independent Arts festival in Belgium and hooked up with M-City from near Gdansk, Poland… they had HUNDREDS of HUGE stencils and made a bunch of incredible pieces there, before they drove off to paint Berlin… I was astonished at how good they were and at how much work they put into what they do… Really really impressed.. and we also had a manic session on Polish vodka and did some painting together and swapped artwork… life is sweet…” Here.
  • Mumbleboy

  • Bigfoot One

    The artist, Bigfoot One. Here.
  • eboy

    From eboy: EbOY is a small group of four people. The Berlin based group creates re-usable pixel objects and takes them to build complex and extensible artwork. Peter in New York works with vectors. Here.
  • Judge Overturns New York City's Ban on 'Graffiti Instruments'

    From Wooster Collective: It was Ecko, and Ecko alone, who backed seven high school and college kids and sued the city of New York over the recent ban on possessing spray paint and fat tipped markers if you are under 21 years old. The results? Yesterday a federal judge ruled in favor of Ecko’s seven kids and overturned the city ruling, forcing the city to stop enforcing the ban. Congratulations and respect to Marc Ecko and the seven kids who took on the city. Nice one indeed. Here.
  • Tommy Kane

    Check out the paintings at Tommy Kane’s website. Drawing was something I did very well, so I would do that as opposed to my homework. Hence, I’m a complete idiot who can draw really well. Here.
  • Furilla

    From Furilla: Pink is the new Black. Or is Black the new Pink? No matter what, this Fluffy Pink Friend is always in fashion. Here.
  • Docteur Gecko and the Bus Shelters

    From Wooster Collective: This is by far one of our favorite culture jam projects we’ve seen to date: Three years ago, Docteur Gecko found a new way for ‘hacking’ advertising that you find in bus shelters around the world. What’s unique about what Gecko does is that his modifications can only be seen during the night when the city lights the shelters. However, during daytime the ad modified seems to be untouched. Here.
  • Eric Elms / Studio

    From Supertouch: Designer/painter/California dreamer Eric Elms has re-launched his eyecandy-coated site Here.
  • New Mark Ryden Merch

    From Supertouch: Mark Ryden devotees should be ready to move on two new items about to drop any minute at his personal website. On sale May 1st, 2006, a limited edition, signed and numbered lithograph poster of “Rosie’s Tea Party.”?No pre-orders or fax orders will be taken for this item. More information will be posted as it becomes available. Edition Size: 500?Price $200 Here.
  • Super 7 Magazine

    From Supertouch: It’s been out for a minute, but before it’s gone be sure to pick up the latest issue of Jux sister-in-arms publication & toy culture authority Super 7 magazine featuring a cover story on the latest KAWS x Pushead toy and interviews with both artists. Few people on this planet know as much about the frighteningly obsessive world of “adult” toys as Bryan Flynn & Mark Nagata, but they both seem to hold down day jobs and mate on a regular basis, elevating them a lofty notch above the strata of shut-in D&D fanatics. Here.
  • D*Face Hits London

    From Wooster Collective: It’s been a while since D*Face has hit the streets of London. We were pleased to see that he was back out to celebrate the Queen’s 80th Here.
  • California Department of Corrections

    From the CDC: The CDC is a private correctional facility that protects the public through the secure management, discipline, and rehabilitation of California’s advertising. Here.
  • I Am 8 Bit Art Opening

    From ProductDose: We went and checked out the opening of the I Am 8 Bit exhibition last night. This group show is the second annual exhibition of ‘80s gaming-inspired art, bringing together over 100 artists in a variety of mediums. The exhibition, co-curated by Jon M. Gibson, is on through May 19 at Gallery Nineteen Eighty Eight in Los Angeles, and if you have any interest in the impact of classic video games on contemporary pop culture, you are going to want to check this show out. Here.
  • That New Dork Smell

    From Juxtapoz: Opening night photos from the Art Dorks group show at Toyroom Gallery in Sacramento, CA. Photos by Mildred Opening Reception April 14, 2006 – 7pm-Late Runs thru May 13th, 2006 The Art Dorks… Shawn Barber, Mike Burnett, David Chung, Brendan Danielsson, Mark Elliot, Jad Fair, Robert Hardgrave, Gregory Jacobsen, Travis Louie, Chris Mostyn, Jason Murphy, Jeremy Pruitt, Katie Ridley, Meagan Ridley, Chris Ryniak, Kim Scott, and Johnny Yanok Here.
  • Opening night of Headache

    From Juxtapoz: Photos from the opening night of Headache, artwork by John Casey and Lucien Shapiro at Boontling Gallery in Oakland, CA. Here.
  • Bob's Big Boy

    From Dave Silva, Wooster Collective: “I have dedicated my miserable life to creating these 10 inch monstrosities. I have over 27 variations that continue to grow. I just recently finished a Sleestak Bob. They basically are resin casts of a Bob’s Big Boy restaurant bank that a friend bought for me a long time ago.(He said it looked like me when I was in Grade school). I cast them and customized them myself. Started of with all 4 band members of KISS and evolved into everything from DEVO-Bob to Osama Bob-Laden. I have a small showing of them here in Orange County ,Ca this month through June at the Kitsch Bar in Costa Mesa” Here.
  • Business Minded @ Renowned Gallery

    From Juxtapoz: Photos from the opening of Business Minded, a group show at Renowned Gallery in Portland, OR. photos by Cecilia Singer Group show featuring artwork on business cards by Jeremyville, Lily deSaussure, APAK, Jill Bliss, Kevin Scalzo, Deth P Sun, Luke Ramsey, Ryan Bubnis, Jacob Magraw, Jennifer Jackman, Wilson Hsu, I Like Drawing, Daniel Lim, Omar Lee, Victoria Keddie, Michelle Blade, Marci Washington, Maxwell Holyoke-Hirsch, Kelly Lynn Jones, and many others. @ Renowned Gallery Here.
  • Me Write Book: It Bigfoot Memoir

    From Juxtapoz: Graham Roumieu is a Toronto-based illustrator whose latest publication ME WRITE BOOK: IT BIGFOOT MEMOIR just came out a couple months ago and is already on its second printing. Roumieu’s website here.