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  • A few things that piss me off **Part Deuce!**

    Mark, Male 27-year-old, from MySpace: I certainly love girls who look at me and judge me without ever actually talking to me or anything, then go running to their friends talking sh*t about how I hit on her! Look at you ya dumb bitch, yea you “might” be hot but you’re dating a loser who is lucky to clear 30k a year and has no aspirations to do anything with his life but party. Lucky catch sweetheart, congrats!***Party girls, ugh the bain to my existance. Every night you can be found clubbing it up in Scottsdale or whever you and your harlot friends go. Then you call me bitching how you are poor, cant find a nice guy and what you should do, how about this for a thought STOP HANGING OUT WITH YOUR SLUTTY FRIENDS AND GET A JOB!!, enough said there (she knows who she is!) Here.
  • Rock N Roll Nightmare

    WFMU’s Beware the Blog: I first heard of Thor not through his 80s hair-metal albums, but via a dusty video cassette from the rental store called Rock and Roll Nightmare. A good friend giddily introduced me to this film one spooky night (his mother watched it with us) and I must say that my world has not been the same since. Synapse films finally released this lost gem in a deluxe DVD this year, and there has been no greater moment in my life then when I tore open the plastic of my freshly purchased copy only to find, much to my surprise, my own darn name listed in the thank you credits. So how did a humble little fanboy like me make it to the inner circle of one of the old ones? Well, first let’s start with the film… Here.
  • Joseph Rohbocks Story

    Texas Polygamy blog: I moved to CC after our house got built in 1999. I was working for Guy Allred at Allco because I had just had back surgery and I was not able to do construction with my brothers at the time. Anyway, the lifestyle down there was totally different than what I was used to in Salt Lake. I had never talked to a girl before, and when Ruby started flirting and paying attention to me, I thought it was pretty cool. So I sent it right back, never dreaming of what I was getting myself into. We just flirted for a little while, and then she started calling me. I thought that was even cooler although I was pretty scared that I would get in trouble. You have to realize that I had been taught all my life that even to talk to a girl was a huge sin. I really was scared. Anyway, it progressed to where I snuck out one night and went and met her. We talked and, yes I kissed her. It was almost intoxicating. I had never felt anything like it in my life. But at the same time, my guilt was killing me. Then someone told me that they were monitoring the phone calls that the girls were making from their rooms. That really got me scared, so I went to Uncle Warren and told him what was going on. He asked me if I had told her I loved her or touched her or kissed her. I told him no. So he cussed me out and told me if I wasn’t careful then he was going to kick me out of Priesthood meeting. Here.
  • Fun at Work Here.
  • Hippies Score a Win v. The Pigs, Rainbow Gathering 2006

    WFMU: PATRIOTIC AMERICAN COMIN’ THRU!  You f*n’ c*sucker.  Boy I’d like to hang every one of you motherf*rs.  We Love You.  F*n’ Brownshirts.  Weeeeee Loooove Yoooooou!  F*n’ Terrorist.  CIRCLE! CIRCLE!  CIRCLE!  WE!! LOVE!! YOU!!!!! Here.
  • NoTxt #3 Deadline, July 30

    Just what it says. Here.
  • The Bride Price

    From The New York Times Magazine: On the day she witnessed the engagement party of 11-year-old Ghulam Haider to 40-year-old Faiz Mohammed, Sinclair discreetly took the girl aside. “What are you feeling today?” the photographer asked. “Nothing,” the bewildered girl answered. “I do not know this man. What am I supposed to feel?” Here.
  • NoTxt #2 Deadline Moved To July 1

    Very cool things happening with NoTxt. Get in on #2 while you can! You will be in good company. Here.
  • Iron Man Slows, and So Does the Industry

    From the New York Times: “Eventually,” said Randy Phillips, chief executive of the concert promoter AEG Live, “we’re going to run out of headliners.” Accounting for the shallow talent pool, some industry executives cite the effects of MTV, which lets fans see performers without ever leaving their couch. Others blame a recording industry more focused on disposable hits than long-term career development, or a universe of digital singles that can keep fans from establishing deep connections with an artist over a long career. Whatever the case, John Scher, the New York music promoter and entrepreneur, says that unless the industry’s dynamics change, many of the nation’s big summer music venues “will be plowed over and be made into housing projects.” Here.
  • 9 Million

    From There are 20.8 million refugees and other people in need of protection. More than nine million of them are children. Here.
  • NoTxt #1 posted

    The first issue of the new online magazine NoTxt is now online. Great stuff. Thanks to everyone who contributed. Here.
  • NoTxt site updated

    New site for NoTxt. This will be where to keep current on what’s going on over there. Here.
  • NoTxt deadline

    Deadline for submissions for the first issue of NoTxt Magazine is tomorrow night (May 25). Photography, art, stickers, graffiti, stencil, pranks, send us your work. Debut issue goes online in June. Here.
  • NoTxt Magazine

    Folks, it’s finally happening. NoTxt Magazine is open for business. NoTxt is an online outlet for visual artists of all stripes, and intends to showcase the best work out there from photographers, designers, illustrators, pranksters, cel phone cams, web artists, graffiti, stickers, etc. Submissions of all styles are being accepted now for our debut issue, deadline for the first issue, coming in June, is May 25. A little more information at Come around and show us what you got. Free to submit, free to be published, free exposure if you make it in. Editors: Trent Nelson, Grayson West.
  • Gay union poses trouble for Bountiful

    From the Vancouver Sun: One bride is Lorraine Johnson, an American, sent by her family to “marry” Blackmore, who was then the powerful bishop. She was his 18th wife. It’s not clear whether Johnson immigrated legally to Canada or simply came across the border and stayed. The other bride is Shelina Palmer, a Canadian born into a polygamous family in Bountiful and assigned to Blackmore. She is wife number 22. Here.
  • FLDS prophet Warren Jeffs charged with rape

    From The Salt Lake Tribune: “Go back and repent,” Jane said Jeffs told her. “You go give yourself mind, body and soul to your husband like you’re supposed to. He will take you into the heavenly kingdom. Go back and do what he tells you to do.” Jane said she did as instructed by Jeffs and continued to have sexual relations with John despite her objections. In a later meeting, Jeffs told Jane that in time she would grow to love John and that having a baby by him would change everything. In another meeting, Jeffs told Jane that, “No matter what happens you cannot fight with the priesthood because if you do you’ll lose your salvation.” Those remarks frightened her enough that she stayed in the marriage, Jane said.  Here.
  • Saskatchewan says 'no thanks' to polygamist group

    From the Canadian Press, a poorly researched article about a possible FLDS ‘colony’ in Saskatchewan. For the record, Bruce Wisan is hardly a spokesman for the church. They consider him the enemy. Small point, eh? From CP: Last week Bruce Wisan, a spokesman for the church, said Jeffs may be creating a new colony in Saskatchewan and that as many as 40 per cent of the church members may be moving to “a very remote, pristine area to start over again.” Here.
  • April Fool's Day

    Real pranksters take today off and let the amateurs have their fun.
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