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  • Juxtapoz Magazine – Edward Colver’s “Idle Worship @ Lethal Amounts, LA

    Edward Colver’s “Idle Worship @ Lethal Amounts, LA

    Between 1978-1984, photographer Edward Colver documented the Los Angeles underground scenes and subcultures that included the adolescent beginnings of punk, hardcore, New Wave, Industrial, thrash, ETC. Photographing relentlessly, Colver shot thousands of bands that would later become the most iconic musicians of their generation and genres. On September 20th in Los Angeles, Lethal Amounts will be presenting Colver’s work in an exhibition entitled Idle Worship.

  • Chris Suspect: Suspect Device at photokina 2014 #DasWesentliche « The Leica Camera

    Chris Suspect: Suspect Device at photokina 2014 #DasWesentliche

    30 years ago I went to my first punk show in the DC area. It was Naked Raygun, TSOL, MIA, Government Issue and the Cereal Killers at WUST Hall. Back then I didn’t have a camera nor the balls to photograph the bands, punks and skinheads at these shows, but I remembered the energy, the fun and the danger that swirled like a tornado at these events. For the last four years, I’ve been shooting the current hardcore and punk scene in DC and Baltimore which has been making waves in our area and beyond

  • Gorgeous photos from the recent Afropunk fest in NYC by photographer Driely S. – Boing Boing

    Gorgeous photos from the recent Afropunk fest in NYC by photographer Driely S.

    C-heads Magazine has a 2-part photo essay from the recent Afropunk music festival in NYC, “rad impressions shot by Brazilian origin but NYC based photographer Driely S.”

  • Afropunks, Come as You Are

  • Pogo Dancing in Myanmar

    Finalhead 930x601
    Link: Pogo Dancing in Myanmar | Roads & Kingdoms

    n the eve of this year’s Water Festival in Myanmar’s main city, a colorful crowd gathers under an inner-city bridge with passing cars on two levels. An illegal punk rock concert is about to start, with half a dozen local punk bands — Kultureshock, Rebel Riot and Chaos in Burma — on the lineup. Applying for any sort of permit for these types of events is a painstaking process that usually ends in rejection, so this gathering is truly underground. The police are expected to show up at any moment.

    via Punk’s not dead in Myanmar – Boing Boing
  • The Backyard Punk Scene in East L.A. Photographed by Angela Boatwright

    Angela Boatwright 10
    Link: The Backyard Punk Scene in East L.A. Photographed by Angela Boatwright – Feature Shoot

    In East Los, part of the Living Off the Wall documentary series by Vans, documentarian Angela Boatwright takes a candid, in-depth look into the punk-rock scene in East Lost Angeles. In addition to five short documentary pieces, East Los includes a satisfying collection of still images by the bi-coastal photographer.

  • western front by stanley greene

    Screen shot 2013 11 15 at 16 46 22 584x386
    Link: western front by Stanley Greene | NOOR

    But in San Francisco, it was particular. It was called “Art and Music” The Mutants, The Dills, Flipper, Crime, SVT, The Yanks, Tuxedo Moon, The Tubes, Los Lobos, The Avengers, Dead Kennedys and Romeo Void, U2. Many of them were students at the San Francisco Art Institute. Members of The Mutants and Romeo Void of course..Chris Isaac of Silver Tones too and Bonnie Hayes & The Wild Bunch – Bonnie Hayes was one of the coolest girls in the punk scene. I was surrounded by these rock bands, both punks and artists. Suddenly these groups wanted images. They call me and say: “Stanley, I know you have pictures, you know, this magazine wants to do an article on us, etc.” And without realizing it, I became a professional photographer while still an art student….”

  • Book Review: Punk Press

    Link: photo-eye | BLOG: Book Review: Punk Press

    Punk is unpolished. In fact that’s sort of the point of it. Grainy half-tones from old magazines bleeding into the gutter are completely appropriate. String a few hundred together in herky-jerky order, number the pages by hand, and you’ve got Punk Press the book, a wonderful assortment of posters, essays, rants, and clippings from old punk magazines circa 1968-1980

  • Pari Dukovic’s Photographs of the Punk Culture in Southeast Asia

    Pari 2
    Link: Slide Show: Pari Dukovic’s Photographs of the Punk Culture in Southeast Asia : The New Yorker

    In Myanmar, a small punk community that stayed underground through decades of military rule is beginning to emerge

  • Ruby Ray :Punk Passage

    Med 1cover jpg
    Link: Ruby Ray :Punk Passage | Le Journal de la Photographie

    Punk Passage: A Tragicomic Romp Thru the Hardcore Axis of the SF/LA Punk Scene 1977–1981 is Ruby Ray’s first book, as DIY as anything she has ever done. Produced exclusively as a photographic ebook, Ray has amassed the best of her archive into an explosive volume of style, angst, and art set adrift the punk revolution as it swept through California like a wildfire. Ray’s photographs read as a who’s who of the time, with portraits of the Avengers, the Screamers, the Germs, the Nuns, X, the Cramps, and the Dead Kennedys, among countless others.

  • Mark Murrmann: Just a Performance

    Mark Murrmann 2
    Link: The Leica Camera

    There’s an element of trying to capture a realness, a kind of spontaneity to both that’s appealing. But of course in punk, like just about anything else, there’s definitely an element of performance, controlled chaos and building off of what’s come before. To that end, covering music, especially larger bands, reminds me of when I was covering Congress. It’s funny, when I’ve shown my portfolio to editors, I’ve been knocked on more than one occasion for including music photography. I was told that work is “just capturing a performance.” Hell, outside of spot news or street photography, just about everything a photojournalist shoots is “just a performance.” Sports? No doubt. Politics? Hell yes. Especially today, in the reality show soaked world we’re living in, you pull out a camera and people perform

  • Hard Art DC 1979

    Hard Art DC

    HARD ART DC 1979 is a forthcoming book and traveling exhibition of photographs by Lucian Perkins with writing by Alec MacKaye and a contribution by Henry Rollins.

    via the online photographer
  • The Beautiful and The Damned: Punk Photography by Ann Summa – Boing Boing

    Iggy Pop.jpeg

    More than 60 images of L.A.’s early punk scene shot by photographer Ann Summa between 1978 and 1984 make up “The Beautiful and the Damned”, a show on display at Track 16 Gallery at the Bergamot Station Arts Center in Santa Monica. Following, in this post: a photo gallery of selected shots featured in the show.

    Link: The Beautiful and The Damned: Punk Photography by Ann Summa – Boing Boing
  • DOUBLE CROSS: Fred Hammer's Nardcore Top 10


    Fred Hammer is Nardcore. We’ve been meaning to pick his brain on what he feels are the top ten Nardcore records of all time.

    Link: DOUBLE CROSS: Fred Hammer’s Nardcore Top 10
  • Maximum Rocknroll: Kick-Ass Photos From Iconic Punk Mag | Raw File

    mrr_1a 1.jpg

    This year MRR released its first photography issue, interviewing punk shooters and showcasing contributions from MRR’s global readership. Punk’s in-your-face aesthetic is as different from detached rock stars as Maximum’s anti-commercial stance is from corporate magazines. Despite the dire financial straights of many media outlets, including MRR, the photo issue has sold out, proving there’s still life underground.

    Link: Maximum Rocknroll: Kick-Ass Photos From Iconic Punk Mag | Raw File
  • Slug and Lettuce – Punk/DIY Online Photo Archives Have Arrived! – WFMU


    Chris Boarts Larson is always busy, and always smiling. She is the creator of Slug and Lettuce fanzine, a free quarterly publication that celebrated it’s 20 year anniversary in 2007 with issue #90. Starting in NYC, Slug and Lettuce was the zine that took days and days to read because it was so packed with information, columns, reviews, comics and Chris’ amazing live band photos.

    Link: Slug and Lettuce – Punk/DIY Online Photo Archives Have Arrived! – WFMU’s Beware of the Blog
  • lila schaffler – my collections | burn magazine

    Screen shot 2009-12-15 at 8.43.46 AM.png

    It seems have been taking my camera on walks since the age of twelve.  I have collected more images than I could even begin to put a number on.  I wanted to show some of my collections in a way that made sense to how and what I see.  There was nothing easy about the edit, and still I can’t be certain that I chose the right ones…But I suppose that’s part of the beauty of it all, when you really stop an look.  Some of the images have been exhibited, some published, but I’ve never quite had the opportunity to show them as I’ve wanted to, as an essay…A collection of sorts. My collections.

    Link: Lila Schaffler – my collections | burn magazine
  • Scenes From the Beijing Rock Underground | Raw File

    sound_kapital_1a 1.jpg

    Matthew Niederhauser became immersed in Chinese culture as he traveled through the country and researched its urban development and the impact of cultural tourism in Tibet. In 2007 he stumbled upon a small but passionate group of rockers in Beijing who stood apart from cultural norms. He picked up a camera and started shooting. After two years he had an impressive collection of band photos and a unique understanding of the scene.

    Link: Scenes From the Beijing Rock Underground | Raw File
  • Man accused of extorting money in punk rock scene

    Man accused of extorting money in punk rock scene —

    A founding member of a group that allegedly uses violence to control the punk rock scene in clubs and at concerts in major U.S. cities was charged with extorting a Chicago-area recording artist, federal authorities said Tuesday. Elgin Nathan James, identified by authorities as a founder of a street gang called FSU, was arrested Monday at his Los Angeles home after a federal criminal complaint was unsealed in Chicago.

  • DOUBLE CROSS: Pat Longrie part II


    From DOUBLE CROSS: Pat Longrie part II:

    The Dead Kennedys, Minor Threat, MDC and the Zero Boys played a show at “Old Town” in Westminster, California in 1983…the most powerful, electric, eclectic bill I ever saw. Old Town was where the Oktoberfest festival occurred each year so it was, to say the least, an odd partnership to begin with. The Zero Boys from Indiana were smoking. I had never heard of them before but they ripped. MDC was fantastic. Minor Threat was it.

    Check it out here.