Nuclear Nightmares

From PixelPress:

Photographer Robert Knoth and reporter Antoinette de Jong have documented the impact of nuclear radiation in these four regions since Spring 1999. A book of their work, Certificate No. 00358/Nuclear Devastation in Belarus, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, the Urals and Siberia is to be published on April 18, 2006


Catching up with Alec Soth

From PDN, Alec Soth on his Niagra project:

I drive a van from home. I always stay in motels. I normally stay on the Canadian side. The only things I look for in a motel are wireless Internet and a windowless bathroom for changing film. When I ask the clerk if they have these two things, they usually give me a suspicious look.


Living with AIDS: Peru, by Larry Towell

From Magnum Photos, part one of photographer Larry Towell’s Living With AIDS photo essay, this one in Peru. As always, Towell’s eye is sharp.

Magnum – Nairobi

From Magnum Photos, David Alan Harvey’s Nairobi portraits:

Nairobi has grown from a sleepy, pretty British outpost twenty years ago to a bustling metropolis of four million people today. Kenya’s leaders are often accused of corruption, but nevertheless, the country shed it’s military dictatorship five years ago.
This is a portrait portfolio of a cross section of the powerful and the not so powerful. The eclectic mix makes up the colorful population of one of Africa’s most vibrant but problematic cities.

Traveling with Bush

From Christopher Morris of the photo agency VII:

This is my personal look into the visit of U.S. President George W. Bush to India, Pakistan and Afghanistan in March 2006.


Congo: Nachtwey photo essay

From the photo agency VII:

The war in the Democratic Republic of Congo may have ended in 2004, but every week, hundreds of people continue to die, most from illnesses easily treatable in times of peace. In a country where cholera, ebola, malaria, and even the plague are endemic, war turned disease into a slow-burning weapon of mass destruction. James Nachtwey visited the DRC in the summer of 2005 and witnessed the pain and suffering of the Congolese, the horrors of war, the ravages of disease, the dead and the dying.


The Web This Morning

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The Web This Morning

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