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  • Gotcha TV – Fox News Crews Stalk Bill O’Reilly’s Targets –


    From Gotcha TV – Fox News Crews Stalk Bill O’Reilly’s Targets –

    Mr. Hoyt, one of more than 50 people that Mr. O’Reilly’s young producers have confronted in the past three years, said the interviews were “really just an attempt to make you look bad.” In almost every case Mr. O’Reilly uses the aggressive interviews to campaign for his point of view.

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  • Sex, Lies and Photoshop – The New York Times

    Jesse Epstein interviews retouchers and talks about, among other things, the French government’s desire to mandate the disclosure of image manipulation.

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  • Martin Parr on the power of sepia and Madonna's photograph with Malawian child Mercy | The Guardian


    From The Guardian:

    As well as the photo being sepia, there appears to be a subtle soft pink hue on Madonna herself. I guess this is the colour of reassuring, concerned maternity. You can imagine Madonna and her team thinking this through in the same way an advertising campaign is orchestrated.

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  • Danish Photoshop Debate Leads To Disqualification


    From Danish Photoshop Debate Leads To Disqualification:

    Ethical questions surrounding photojournalists’ use of Photoshop in image processing is not a controversy confined to the American market. Currently the embroilment rages in Denmark, where at least one photojournalist has been disqualified from a contest because it’s been determined that his image manipulation went too far.

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  • Picking Battles « Perfesser Kev


    From Picking Battles « Perfesser Kev:

    Late last week a story from the U.K. revealed a point where photojournalism balances between public service, free speech, national security and intense journalism competition. Robert Quick, the U.K.’s most powerful counter-terrorism officer, resigned after being photographed as he stepped from a car at 10 Downing Street, holding secret documents in plain sight.

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  • Terror blunder: photographer who snapped Bob Quick has embarrassed the Government before – Telegraph


    From the Telegraph:

    Steve Back, the photographer who took the picture of Bob Quick’s briefing note on the terror raids in the north west of England, has embarrassed the Government before.

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  • (Notes on) Politics, Theory & Photography: Intrusions


    I came across this photograph here in The Guardian. I am deeply ambivalent about it. On the one hand I can nearly feel the burden of pain and sadness reflected in Neeson’s posture. I recognized the feelings immediately. On the other hand, what the hell was the photographer Mike Groll doing there? When my son Jeff died, his older brother (then 17) nearly punched news reporters who’d camped out at his mother’s house. Yes it is the photographer’s job. But there are jobs one might turn down, right?

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  • ::: The Travel Photographer ::: And the Outrage Continues


    The National Press Photographers Association has announced that Andrea Bruce of the Washington Post has been awarded second place in the International News Story with her photo essay on a young girl in Kurdistan being circumcised. Readers of this blog will recall reading the reasons for my revulsion at this photo essay

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    Further discussion here.

    Even further discussion here.

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  • ABC News: Forced Into Polygamy in Public

    What Would You Do If You Thought You Saw a Child Bride?

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  • Pay For Play – The Digital Journalist

    A producer for the ABC News program “Good Morning America” reportedly put Caylee Anthony’s grandparents up in an expensive hotel in December 2008, about the time that the child’s remains were discovered and the search for the missing child turned into a murder investigation.

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  • For Your Entertainment: A Domestic Violence Photo

    We support an aggressive press and TMZ is probably within its First Ammendment rights. But we can’t think of any justification for publishing this photo.

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  • A Photo Editor – Mark Seliger Rip Off


    It appears that Mexico has its very own Mark Seliger… well, they have a photographer who bought Mark’s Physiognomy book and tried to knock-off many of the setups for Mexican television company Televisa’s book featuring their on-air talent. The photos were taken by Gabriel Saavedra.

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  • Didn’t Make It To The Inauguration? Just Pretend You Did.


    go to, powered by online photo editing software provider FotoFlexer, and pretend you were there, right behind the new president of the United States as he was sworn in.

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  • International Photography Contest 2008 – National Geographic


    Photo and caption by Shibnath Basu, India.
    CLICK NOTE: I found a lot of these winners to appear highly ‘Shopped. Can someone please explain to me how the clouds in this National Geographic International Photography Contest winning photograph are true reflections? Sure looks like a hideous photoshop job to me.

    These shallow waters are mainly famous for flamingos at Nal Sarovar near Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India. The picture shows the reflection of clouds on water.

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  • PDNPulse: Greenberg, McCain and 'Gotcha' Portraiture: Do We Need a Law?


    Program host Bob Garfield uses Jill Greenberg’s controversial portrait session with John McCain as a point of departure for raising provocative questions about editorial portraiture in general: Why aren’t editorial portrait photographers held to the same journalistic standards as other journalists? And where’s the line between a photographer’s prerogative and a ‘gotcha’ image?

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  • Wandering Light: Stolen

    Whenever a photography injustice surfaces in the news, I can’t seem to figure out what the perpetrator was thinking. Digital manipulation, falsifying information and copyright infringement. Which comes to my current situation. On April 27, 2008, I spoke of a random encounter that got me very excited. A new friend who just happened to be from the same town in the United States where I grew up. Lee Mackay Turner showed me that my character judgement needs some serious work.

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  • The Politics of the Retouched Headshot – The Atlantic (October 16, 2008)

    Last week, Fox News set off a short-lived controversy when it attacked Newsweek for not retouching the magazine’s larger-than-life cover photo of Sarah Palin. Calling the headshot “ridiculously unfair to her,” anchor Megyn Kelly declared that “any respectable magazine should be doing a little retouching.”

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    Some mobsters allegedly lured a caretaker into the very haunted mansion he caretakes, where he was stabbed, drowned, chopped up, and burned. The only way it could get any worse for this guy is if a terrible/amazing newspaper took his decapitated head and transposed it onto the body of Casper the friendly ghost wafting out of the house in which he was murdered. Annnnnnnd, that’s exactly what happened.

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  • Get More Attractive Now! (and you can too) – A Picture's Worth

    09skin-600 1.jpg

    The New York Times is reporting on a new piece of software developed by Israeli computer scientists that take a photo and make it more attractive based on focus group research they conducted with 68 men and women. The “beautification engine”makes minor adjustments of symmetry, skin tone, and other factors that have been associated with “beauty.”

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  • About that McCain Photo (September 14, 2008) – About that McCain Photo

    Like others at the Atlantic, I was appalled to read about the actions of Jill Greenberg, the freelance photographer who took the cover portrait that illustrates my article about John McCain. Greenberg doctored photographs of McCain she took during her Atlantic-arranged shoot, which took place last month in Las Vegas. She has posted these doctored photographs on her website, which you can go find yourself, if you must. Suffice it to say that her “art” is juvenile, and on occasion repulsive. This is not the issue, of course; the issue is that she betrayed this magazine, and disgraced her profession.

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