Teaching Online Journalism » The elements of storytelling

I spent the past two days playing host to Ken Speake, a master storyteller and a longtime journalist. We put him in front of as many students as we could without completely wearing him down to a nub, and it might have been the most valuable 50 minutes each of those students has spent all year.

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NPPA: Best of Photojournalism 2008: Video News Photography: Winners

Join Al Tompkins to learn what impressed the judges, what ethical issues arose in this year’s entries, and how the backpack journalist trend is affecting photojournalism.

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CapeCodTimes.com – From Marconi to multimediabsb

One video in particular caught the attention of the Red Sox. On “picture day,” when players wear home whites and have official photos taken, some Sox are asked to cut public service announcements. Papelbon was one such player.

Papelbon’s PSA was in Spanish, which proved difficult for the closer. He was struggling and swearing, getting more than a few laughs from the people around him, so Lunsford decided to shoot video rather than photos. We used the clip on CapeCast, our daily Web report, and the Papelbon video became, as they like to say on ESPN, an instant classic.

Fan sites, such as the Boston Dirt Dogs, linked to it. About 25,000 people had seen it on YouTube by Friday.

The Red Sox PR staff at first didn’t seem too pleased that a photographer was shooting video. Understandably, they like to know who is doing what around the players. It proved a minor misunderstanding but speaks to how the media world is changing.

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Say NO to video: Conversations with the Video God : MultimediaShooter

And no matter how hard I try, it’s just not working. We don’t seem to be making the kind of money you said we would and people aren’t really watching. You said video would save newspapers, I distinctly remember you saying this at your speech at ASNE. [Note to reader, if you don’t work for The New York Times or the Washington Post and you are making money and gaining viewers, PLEASE share your winning formula, seriously, the rest of us could use it.]

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SPACE INVADERS | Guillaume Reymond | video performance


SPACE INVADERS is the second video performance of the GAME OVER Project, directed by the Swiss artist Guillaume REYMOND (NOTsoNOISY creative agency).

67 extras
4 hours of shooting
390 pictures

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Magazines Sites Add Video, but Not Much Expertise – Advertising Age – MediaWorks


About six minutes into the judging, it dawned on me just how screwed most of these magazine companies really are. In their rush to cash in on web video, most seem to have convinced themselves that sloppily edited six-minute clips pass for must-see content. It’s as if the very act of creating something that moves and talks has blinded producers and editors to the dullness of their creations.

Take Playboy.com’s “Ask Hef Anything” series, in which the robe-encrusted octogenarian answers questions in a manner so stiff and stilted as to prompt concern about his well-being. Ignoring the obvious first issue — what kind of sick, misguided bastard would ask Hugh Hefner about a flag-burning amendment? — I have no clue how training a camera on an individual who has lived his entire adult life in the public eye qualifies as innovation, much less as something that could ultimately bolster the bottom line.

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NPR: Photographer Without Legs Returns Stares


Kevin Connolly has been getting such stares all his life. That’s because he was born without legs.

Connolly was used to drawing double takes in his hometown of Helena, Mont., but when he went to Europe and turned heads there, too, he decided he’d had enough. Connolly got out his camera in Vienna, Austria, and turned it on the people who were staring at him.

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The Raw File Workshop – APhotoADay News

workshop_01 1.jpg


The Raw File Workshop will give you 6 Days on Independent Media Production, Social Justice, and Activism.

Join Brenda Ann Kenneally and guest documentarians as well as prominent forces who work in multimedia production, social justice & activism, media ecology and visual anthropology for seminars covering funding, collaboration, multimedia production, publishing, and distribution of independent social documentary projects.

The workshop will be limited to 15 full-time participants.

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MediaStorm: Multimedia Workshops

The MediaStorm Multimedia Workshops are intensive, hands-on educational experiences in advanced multimedia storytelling. The Workshops are designed to address three areas:
Original Multimedia Reporting
Multimedia Training

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How to make your audio slideshows better « Mastering Multimedia

I think it’s time to take a constructive look at audio slideshows and review ways to make them better. One of the raps on audio slideshows is that they can be boring and predictable. I agree. I’ve watched hundreds of audio slideshows and it can be painful at times

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Rocketboom : Media Storm [hd]


Interview with multimedia production company Media Storm

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Masao Yamamoto, Japan's poet philosopher of photography – lens culture photography weblog

Japanese photographer Masao Yamamoto has intrigued me since I first held several of his tiny energy-charged photos in my hands at a photography festival in California in 2003, and I could not leave without taking three of these precious objects home with me (at a price I could barely afford at the time). Six years later, those same photos float on the wall in my home where I can see them every day, in all kinds of light, and they still exert that same emotional pull on me every time I stop to look at them.

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WFMU's Beware of the Blog: Soul Train On Crack Cocaine


Back in the PCP days of the 1970’s, James Brown hosted his own television show.  Future Shock was filmed in the pre TBS studios of WTCG in Atlanta.  It could have been lost forever, but a few episodes managed to slip out of the vaults.

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pictures. » stories in search of tellers.

alton 1.jpg

Photos by Rob Finch

“Stories are in search of tellers. And when a story grabs onto you, that’s the one you should be telling.” – Storyteller Alton Takiyama-Chung recites one of his favorite quotes.

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They Shoot Presidential Candidates, Don't They? – PDNPulse



We are still not sure when photog John Harrington sleeps. Between last night and this morning, he managed to shoot John McCain’s victory speech in Virginia, interview other photogs about how they shoot and transmit their pix on the campaign trail, and turn that footage into an insightful seven-minute video.

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Richard’s Notes » Blog Archive » Jeff Mermelstein

Jeff Mermelstein walks around New York with his Leica taking pictures. Great commentary on his style and process including his work on 9/11 below.

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State of the Art: When Music Ruins the Picture Show

I’ve been thinking about this for a while, and I’ve decided the time has come for me to make some kind of statement about it. You may not like what I have to say.

 I have had enough of slide shows accompanied by music. In fact, I’m pretty sick of them.

 The turning point came a couple of weeks ago, when I went to see a presentation by three very talented photojournalists. I’m not going to name names: The point here is that these photographers were doing what every photographer seems to do now. Each began his show by very briefly uttering a hello to the audience, then letting the computer take over. First came the fancy title, accompanied by music. With photojournalists it’s invariably world music—a sure sign of the international and cultural dimensions of the work. (Fashion images usually are set to rock.)

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Journalism.co.uk :: Guardian special report wins Journalism.co.uk multimedia storytelling competition


A special report looking at the provision of education in an area of Mali has won the inaugural Journalism.co.uk multimedia reporting competition.

Judges praised the combined use of voiceover, stills and video footage within a series of slideshows, that made up the Learning Lessons in Africa report, calling it a ‘compelling story’ and a ‘seamless piece of journalism’ that set it apart from other more technically adventurous projects.

Photographer Ami Vitale and videographer Dan Chung complied footage in Mali for the report (pictured above), which was then produced by Elliot Smith with interactive design by Paddy Allen and published online by the Guardian.

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PDNPulse – State Of The Union Made Interesting!


When does photographer/blogger John Harrington sleep? We are not sure. Sometime between last night (when he covered the State of the Union address) and this afternoon, he produced an extremely informative 12-minute video about how photographers cover the president’s annual applause-fest. (Take note of Dennis Brack’s spot-on prediction that the Obama-Clinton cold shoulder would be the most important photo of the night.)

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