Wearing the Red Badge

The Red Badge that I am wearing states that I must be under escort at all times (including the rest room).  Jen and I find it kind of comical because as we walk by the five-foot-tall cubical walls we can hear “Red Badge” and chuckling in reply as we walk by. It reminds me of […]

Stadium Visitor Told To Hit Delete Button

Like a number of people without a ticket to the Nationals’ game Sunday, Mark Butler stood outside the left field gate and watched some of the historic event from a distance. The Minnesota man carried a digital camera to capture the memories. For a member of the Uniformed Division of United States Secret Service, Butler […]

NPPA Still Objects To MLB's Revised Credential Terms

National Press Photographers Association president Tony Overman today filed another written complaint with Major League Baseball’s commissioner Allan H. (Bud) Selig over MLB’s revised terms and conditions for credentials for the 2008 season, and addressed the issue of whether MLB intends to integrate into their credential agreement some of the National Football League’s credential rules […]

Illegal Signs and a Reporters Broken Camera – NYT

By DAVID W. DUNLAP I began photographing the poster operation. After about two minutes, one man asked me why I was taking pictures. “Because what you’re doing is illegal,” I replied. He answered, “Breaking cameras is illegal, too, but if you don’t stop taking pictures, I’ll break your camera.” He modified “camera” with an adjective […]

Anti-terror police defend campaign targeting suspicious behaviour of people with cameras news – Amateur Photographer UK

Police deny that their latest anti-terror campaign will encourage harassment of photographers taking pictures in public places. Last week police chiefs issued fresh warnings over the potential dangers posed by people carrying cameras for surveillance purposes. The news comes amid growing reports of clashes between police officers and photographers taking pictures in public places in […]