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  • WHNPA Launches Student POY Contest

    The White House News Photographers Association has launched a Student Photographer of the Year contest, and the deadline for entering the inaugural competition is March 1, 2008.

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  • Pictures of the Year Judging Begins in Columbia – – PopPhotoFebruary 2008


    In or out? With 45,000 images to get through, there’s barely enough time to capture a frame in the dimly lit room before judges decide whether an image stays or goes. It’s raining outside at the University of Missouri, but in Tucker Forum it’s sunny, cloudy, hot and cold as each image has its moment to shine on the big screen. With fewer than a dozen spectators in the audience, the rain kept most from attending the first day of public judging during the 65th annual Pictures of the Year International competition. But that will change over the next three weeks, as students and professionals from across the country will join a group of 12 judges from around the world as they select winning images in each of this year’s 48 categories.

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  • Judging Schedule | POYi 65


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  • POYi judging underway – Waitin’ On a Moment – by Tim Gruber

    0218poyi01 1.jpg

    POYi judging started yesterday and the results are starting to trickle in.

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  • The 49th annual Communication Arts Photography Competition | Current Photo Contests

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    the 49th annual Communication Arts Photography Competition. Any photograph first printed or produced between March 14, 2007 and March 11, 2008 is eligible.

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  • Hasselblad Masters Winners 2008

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    Hasselblad announces the ten winners of its Hasselblad Master Award for 2008. Whereas in previous years Hasselblad has awarded 12 separate Master Awards for overall photographic ability, the 2008 Hasselblad Master Awards are presented across ten separate categories of photography and the winners are as follows: Benjamin Antony Monn, Louis Palu, Andrej Kopac, Julia Fullerton-Batten, Bronek Kozka, Hans Strand, August Bradley, Morfi Jimenez Mercado, Gregor Halenda, Kevin Then

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  • The State | 02/13/2008 | The State's photography staff takes top S.C. award


    The State newspaper’s photography staff has been named Staff of the Year by the South Carolina News Photographers Association. Based on points awarded in the still photojournalism portion of the SCNPA annual contest, points for first, second and third places and honorable mentions are divided by the number of staff positions.

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  • Metro Collective » Blog Archive » Px3 award

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    The Prix de la Photographie Paris (Px3) jury has chosen Daniel Cima’s entry, 2006 Drought in Ethiopia, as a winner in in the Human Condition competition. Select winning photos, curated by the director of the Farmani Gallery, will be exhibited at a group show in Los Angeles from March 6-31. The show will travel to New York later in the year, and potentially overseas.

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  • World Press Photo – Photo of the Year – Tim Hetherington

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    The international jury of the 51st annual World Press Photo Contest selected a color image of the UK photographer Tim Hetherington as World Press Photo of the Year 2007. The picture was taken 16 September 2007 and shows a US soldier resting at “Restrepo” bunker, named after a soldier from his platoon who was recently killed by insurgents. The 2nd Battalion Airborne of the 503rd US infantry is undergoing a deployment in the Korengal Valley in the Eastern province of Afghanistan. The valley is infamous as the site of downing of a US helicopter and has seen some of the most intense fighting in the country. Hetherington’s photograph is part of a picture story that was also awarded 2nd Prize in General News Stories. He had traveled to Afghanistan on assignment for Vanity Fair. “This image shows the exhaustion of a man – and the exhaustion of a nation,” says jury chairman Gary Knight, and adds “We’re all connected to this. It’s a picture of a man at the end of a line.” Fellow juror MaryAnne Golon commented: “I use all my energy to have people notice bad things. There’s a human quality to this picture. It says that conflict is the basis of this man’s life.”

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  • Winners gallery 2008 – World Press Photo


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  • PDN's World in Focus: The Ultimate Travel Photography Contest 2008


    The more than 80 images showcased on the following pages were submitted by photographers who found picture-worthy moments in places as diverse as Antarctica and the Libyan desert, as well as locations that hit a little closer to home. So whether it’s Faisal Almalki’s snapshot of a man and his camel in Cairo or Ramin Talaie’s photograph of more than 2,500 Lubavitcher Rabbis in Brooklyn that catches your eye, these entries will give you a glimpse of the world. The contest was judged in six categories: Human Condition, Extreme Exploration, Urban Landscapes, Snapshots, Wilderness and Open Series. The judges’ choices for Grand Prize and First Place in each category are shown on the followin

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  • :: Guardian special report wins multimedia storytelling competition


    A special report looking at the provision of education in an area of Mali has won the inaugural multimedia reporting competition. Judges praised the combined use of voiceover, stills and video footage within a series of slideshows, that made up the Learning Lessons in Africa report, calling it a ‘compelling story’ and a ‘seamless piece of journalism’ that set it apart from other more technically adventurous projects. Photographer Ami Vitale and videographer Dan Chung complied footage in Mali for the report (pictured above), which was then produced by Elliot Smith with interactive design by Paddy Allen and published online by the Guardian.

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  • APhotoADay News

    The White House News Photographers Association Student Contest Committee announces a new contest open to students from around the world to compete for the honor of WHNPA 2008 Student Photographer of the Year. WHNPA sponsor, Digital Railroad, will host the competition website and the award for the winning student photographer. The contest submission page will open on February 1, 2008 and entries will be accepted until 11:59 p.m. on March 1, 2008.

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  • NPPA's Popular Monthly News Clip Contest (MNCC) Goes Digital via PDNPulse



    NPPA’s Popular Monthly News Clip Contest (MNCC) Goes Digital

    The National Press Photographers Association’s long-standing and popular Monthly News Clip Contest is going digital beginning with the January 2008 entries, NPPA announced today. The MNCC’s new format should be easier and faster for entrants, judges, and contest chairs alike. “Going digital makes this a better contest, and that’s the goal,” NPPA executive director Jim Straight said today. “Digital will let us run this contest ‘on time’ and in today’s digital world that’s important. As an unexpected result, it will also create more space in News Photographer magazine for more stories, photographs, and original content. The magazine is consistently listed as one of the members’ top benefits, and the MNCC contest has been an important part of News Photographer over the years, and this advancement lets us make the best of both worlds for the contest and the magazine.”


  • WHNPA Eyes of History 2008

    14-kafuu_boxing 1.jpg

    WHNPA Eyes of History 2008: “Photographer of the Year Jahi Chikwendiu The Washington Post”
  • PDN Photo Annual 2007

    A collection of galleries from Photo District News (or is it just PDN now?). Terrific photography, guaranteed to inspire. From PDN: As PDN’s Photo Annual marks another year of extraordinary photography, we honor the contest winners who grace the following pages. From Lauren Greenfield’s heart-wrenching multimedia project, “Thin,” to Gary Schneider’s hauntlingly beautiful photo story about obesity, this year’s contest was a study in extremes. Whether it be a poignant social statement, such as Jan Grarup’s Newsweek documentation of the devastation in Darfur, or a perfectly nutty ad campaign like Lyndon Wade’s for Nestle Crunch, each image has its own identity, worthy of recognition. Link – Here.
  • Overseas Press Club Awards

    From the American Photo site: Paolo Pellegrin, Q. Sakamaki, Kristen Ashburn and Farah Nosh took the photography prizes at the 68th Annual Overseas Press Club awards, presented by CBS News anchor Katie Couric at a dinner Thursday night in New York. Pellegrin won the prestigious Robert Capa Gold Medal for his photo essay “True Pain: Israel and Hizbullah,” parts of which were first published in Newsweek. The 43-year-old Magnum photographer received an honorable mention nod for the Capa award in 2002, but this is his first outright win.
    Paolo’s work (a sample above) is beautiful black and white. Beginning with his book “Kosovo 1999-2000,” I began to watch his technique. Or rather, a seeming lack of it. Paolo isn’t looking for sharp, clean imagery. He is more interested in capturing mood and motion than perfect technique.
    Along those lines, one of Q. Sakamaki’s photographs (above) stood out to me as well. Especially the caption, which reads: The image of a Sri Lanka government soldier is accidentally overlapped with the image of a Tamil girl staying at a war-torn church in Jaffna, where the long civil war has devastated lives and the Sri Lankan economy. See how it works, kids? Make a mistake, win an international award. For the record, I think it’s a beautiful accident. Links: Paolo Pellegrin American Photo’s story on the awards Overseas Press Club of America
  • 2007 Pulitzer Winners

    Back to good news in the photojournalism world: The winners of this year’s Pulitzer Prizes were announced this week. The Pulitzers are the top awards in newspaper journalism. The award for Breaking News Photography was awarded to Associated Press photographer Oded Balilty for the photo above, of illegal settlers being removed in the West Bank. The Feature Photography Pulitzer was awarded to Sacramento Bee photographer Renee C. Byer for her story, “A Mother’s Journey,” which tells the story of a single mother and her dying son’s battle with cancer. Balilty’s photograph is wonderful and deserving. It’s everything that a great news photograph should be. But make sure you look through Byer’s powerful photo essay on the Bee’s website. If you don’t choke up as you follow the downward spiral of this family’s fight with cancer, well… Byer’s essay is everything that I love about great photojournalism. It isn’t a photo-op. It doesn’t involve celebrities. It isn’t the opening of a new government office building. This is a long-term intimate look at real people facing real problems. The frustration and despair, the hopes both wished for and dashed, are all there, captured in great documentary photography. It is truly amazing work. Congratulations to both photographers. And thank you. Here is Byer’s work on The Sacramento Bee’s website. If you’re in a hurry, make sure you at least click through the four photo galleries (parts one through four) listed along the right side of the project’s page.

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  • The Press Photographer's Year

    The winners of the UK photojournalism competition, The Press Photographer’s Year, including their Photograph of the Year (seen here), by Sean Smith of The Guardian. As they say: Designed for press photographers by press photographers. Sponsored by Canon cameras, the acknowledged industry leaders, The Press Photographer’s Year will be the definitive awards for the outstanding press photography taken for, and used by the UK media in 2006. Here.
  • PDN's 30 2007

    PDN: Our choice of new and emerging photographers to watch. Gmb Akash, Aneta Bartos, Maxine Beuret, Julie Blackmon, Marco Bohr, Lane Coder, Kathryn Cook, Pierre Crocquet, Victoria J. Dean, Brad Dececco, Autumn De Wilde, Rena Effendi, Serkan Emiroglu, Ditte Isager, Jamie Isaia, Shuli Hallak, Kathryn Hillier, Dorothy Hong, Aaron Huey, Brian Lesteberg, David Leventi, Debora Mittelstaedt, Marcus Nilsson, Brigitte Sire, Alys Tomlinson, Brian Ulrich, Anna Wolf, Sarah Wilmer, Andrea Wyner, Alvaro Ybarra Zavala. Here.