Paolo Pellegrin Wins W. Eugene Smith Grant


“Paolo Pellegrin brings a passion and extraordinary eye to a story that has consumed the Western world since 9/11,” said Helen Marcus, president of the W. Eugene Smith Memorial Fund, in a press release. “He follows in Gene Smith’s footsteps bringing the world’s attention to a furious debate of historic proportions.”

A second award, the $5,000 Fellowship Grant, is being awarded to photographer Teru Kuwayama for his project, “No Man’s Land: Survival at the Ends of Empire,” an ongoing study of the Hindu Kush region of Afghanistan, Tajikistan and Pakistan, including Kashmir. Kuwayama is a freelancer based in New York.

The grants will be given out Thursday night at a ceremony in New York.

Also to be awarded Thursday is the Howard Chapnick Grant for the Advancement of Photojournalism, which is going to New York-based photographer Michael Itkoff. The $5,000 grant will support the publication of the sixth issue Itkoff’s Daylight magazine.


2005 Sports Shooter Contest Judging (video)

From SportsShooter:

This is video of the judging panel in action. Wally Skalij (Los Angeles Times), Myung Chun (Los Angeles Times), Matt A. Brown (Los Angeles freelance photographer), Rick Rickman (freelance photographer and Brooks Institute faculty member) and Robert Hanashiro (USA TODAY), spent the day together working to decide the winners in five categories and select a “Picture of the Year” for the (best entry).


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White House News Photographers 2006

White House News Photographers Association’s The Eyes of History contest results are in for 2006. Some amazing photographs.

Photographer of the year: Andrea Bruce, The Washington Post.

Check out the winners gallery, Here.

SportsShooter Annual Contest Winners

From SportsShooter:

The lively debate between Villa’s photograph of a goose attacking a high school cross country runner as she nears the finish line and Miralle’s black and while image of a sumo wrestler standing on a up side of an escalator as a gawking woman passes on the down side had Brown and Hanashiro voting for the action photo with Rickman and Skalij opting strongly for the feature.

Skalij: “The escalator (photo) is such an immediate read, you laugh right away. With the goose (photo) you had to read the caption to actually see what’s happening.”

Brown: “I didn’t have to read the caption! That animal’s (obviously) gone wild! I knew immediately that a goose was slapping her. I didn’t have to read the caption!”

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Photography Pulitzer Prize Winners

From PDN:

In a year when journalism from Hurricane Katrina dominated the Pulitzer Prizes, the staff of The Dallas Morning News won the 2006 Pulitzer for breaking news photography for coverage of the hurricane. It is the second time in three years The Dallas Morning News has claimed the breaking news photography prize.

Todd Heisler of the (Denver) Rocky Mountain News won the feature photography Pulitzer Prize for the “Final Salute” project. It is Heisler’s second Pulitzer. In 2003, he was part of the Rocky Mountain News team that won the breaking news photography prize for coverage of wildfires.


David Guttenfelder, Josh Meltzer, Photojournalists of the Year

From the National Press Photographers Association:

“This is an extraordinary photographer,” judge Ruth Fremson of The New York Times said after the panel picked Guttenfelder’s portfolio for First place. “There is a beautiful eye, someone who can handle any kind of news situation, including a helicopter crashing practically at his feet. This photographer has a wonderful sense of color and composition. There is a narrative thread through all the stories. This portfolio has everything you would ask for in a single image and a photo story.”


PDN'S 30

From PDN, their annual list of the top 30 upcoming photographers:

“My best work,” Nina Andersson says, “Is what I’ve done when I’m not thinking too much when I shoot it. My best work is spontaneous.”


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Pictures of the Year Winners

Winners Gallery from the Pictures of the Year Photojournalism contest. This is one of the top two US contests. Here.

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Pulitzer Finalists Leaked

From Editor and Publisher, the finalists for the Pulitzer Prize, photography:


Los Angeles Times (Gaza pullout)
Dallas Morning News (Katrina)
The Associated Press (Katrina)


Los Angeles Times (Catholic priests in Alaska)
Rocky Mountain News (death sentence)
South Florida Sun-Sentinel (Holocaust survivor)

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World Press Photo Winners Gallery


Gallery of winning images from the most prestigious photojournalism competition in the world. A must-see.

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The Web This Morning

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