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  • Last Testimony Of A Teen Age Dope Addict (MP3s)


    Here are both sides of a grimly disturbing 45 made by Dexter Gardner, a deeply troubled teenaged (and self-identified) LSD addict from Kearns, Utah, a suburb of Salt Lake City.

    Check it out here.

  • Audio interview with photographer Roger Ballen


    Roger Ballen has been making disturbing photographs in South Africa for many years now. In an exclusive audio interview for Lens Culture, he talks about a wide range of topics, including how he found his “voice” as a photographer, his working methods and philosophy, why he uses flash lighting, the violence of nature in South Africa where he lives, the similarities between geology and photography (he holds a Ph.D. in Mineral Economics), and more.

    Check it out here.

  • Reza: Bearing Witness To War And Peace : NPR

    reza_rachel_540 1.jpg

    Reza Deghati is considered among the world’s great photojournalists. He has traveled the globe for nearly 30 years, bearing witness to wars, unrest, great leaders and the courage of ordinary people trapped by history. He has won countless awards, working for publications such as National Geographic, Newsweek and Time.

    Check it out here.

  • Platon Audio « Vincent Laforet’s Blog

    Here is the long promised audio from Platon’s speech at the Eddie Adams Workshop from a few weeks ago.  It’s well worth a listen.

    Check it out here.

  • Aperture Live – APhotoADay News

    Aperture just launched Aperture Live, a new initiative to offer live webcasts of their artist talks, panel discussions and other events online. In addition, these webcasts will be archived so that all of us can watch what we missed.

    Check it out here.


    Stock library Getty Images has released the first in an ongoing series of podcasts featuring its award-winning team of photographers. In the podcasts, snappers such as John Moore talk over the story behind their most striking images.

    Check it out here.

  • Eddie Adams Applications & Audio – APhotoADay News

    And while looking at their site for the first time in a while, I realized that they finally got around to putting up some amazing audio from the past 20 years of the workshop. It’s kind of like having your own personal workshop experience right in your home. Legends like Gordon Parks, Bill Eppridge, David Hume Kennerly, Peter Turnley and the man himself, Eddie Adams. Their words of wisdom are invaluable.

    Check it out here.

  • Interview with Joe McNally – Blog


    Nancy Aldrich-Ruenzel, publisher of Peachpit, speaks with National Geographic photographer Joe McNally about his new best-selling book, The Moment It Clicks–the first book with one foot on the coffee table, and one foot in the classroom.

    Check it out here.

  • Jim M. Goldstein – EXIF and Beyond: Lawrence Lessig Interview


    This episode features an interview with Stanford Law Professor Lawrence Lessig, co-director of the law school’s Center for Internet and Society, author of “Free Culture: How Big Media Uses Technology and the Law to Lock Down Culture and Control Creativity” and founder of Creative Commons. In this conversation Professor Lessig, with a focus on photography, discusses the purpose & objective of Creative Commons, his perspective on copyright law, addresses the question “How if at all the adoption of Creative Commons is hurting photographers? and shares more information about the recently announced CC+ license.

    Check it out here.

  • Magnum Photos Podcasts

    From Magnum Photos: Magnum in Motion Video Podcasting with new content each week First installment is Jonas Bendiksen, “Satellites” Here.
  • The Web This Morning