The Documentary Photography Issue VII: Home, reimagined

It feels as if our relationship with the idea of home is changing.  Across the world, nationalism finds itself dancing freely with far-right politics, while political divisions have chopped families right down the middle, transforming previously tight-kni

‘Home’ is both a physical and imagined space – a state and place of belonging. In our annual celebration of visual storytelling, join us as we spotlight the photographers capturing it in all of its wildly different guises.

South Africa Week: Alexia Webster

Alexia Webster’s Street Studio project began in 2011 and in the years since she has photographed thousands of sitters across the African continent and beyond. Though the project represents a departure from her personal and professional work, the series al

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Atop a Mountain, South Africa's Ghosts

In Hogsback, South Africa, a mountaintop village surrounded by mist and a primeval forest, the legacy of apartheid still permeates relations between white and black residents.

For as long as Alexia Webster can remember, she has visited Hogsback with her family at least once a year, driving nine hours from their home in Johannesburg to a cluster of cabins her great-grandfather built nearly a century ago. To a young child, Hogsback was a mystical place full of ancient trees and twisted foliage, like something out of a J. R. R. Tolkien novel. In fact, Hogsback has often been misidentified as Tolkien’s inspiration for “Lord of the Rings.”