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The Documentary Photography Issue VII: Home, reimagined

It feels as if our relationship with the idea of home is changing.  Across the world, nationalism finds itself dancing freely with far-right politics, while political divisions have chopped families right down the middle, transforming previously tight-kni

Alexia Webster’s Photos of a South African Village Still Grappling With Apartheid

For as long as Alexia Webster can remember, she has visited Hogsback with her family at least once a year, driving nine hours from their home in Johannesburg to a cluster of cabins her great-grandfather built nearly a century ago. To a young child, Hogsback was a mystical place full of ancient trees and twisted foliage, like something out of a J. R. R. Tolkien novel. In fact, Hogsback has often been misidentified as Tolkien’s inspiration for “Lord of the Rings.”