Reimagining a continent: The new generation of African photographers

A new generation of image-makers are presenting a kaleidoscopic portrait of the continent, exploring African myths, memories and taboos.

From gender and sexuality, to myths and memories: a new generation of image-makers are presenting a complex, kaleidoscopic portrait of the continent.

Andrew Esiebo: Social Identities and Cultural Imaginaries in West Africa Through the Barbershop Lens « The Leica Camera

Born in 1978, Andrew Esiebo is an acclaimed Lagos-based photographer whose work has been exhibited and published worldwide. Devoting his photo/multimedia work to urban societal issues, he recently turned his gaze to West African barbershops. Their spaces, styles and practices revealed themselves extremely rich to explore issues such as (male) social identities, collective imaginaries and global cultures’ circulation in contemporary West African societies

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we speak to Lagos-based photographer Andrew Esiebo, (@andrewesiebo) whose colorful and honest images provide a window into the daily life of West Africa. His visual diary on Instagram spans from portraits of motorcycle taxi drivers to lavish Lagos nightclubs and local scrap metal dealers making ends meet. Instagram, he says, offers a new future for African photographers to show their work to the world without conforming to Western media ideals.