Covering Marines at War, Through Facebook

Teru Kuwayama, one of the photographers of Basetrack, tells Michael Kamber why the future of journalism may be on Facebook.

Basetrack is a Web-based reporting initiative with the photographers Teru Kuwayama, Balazs Gardi and Tivadar Domaniczky. Its “forward crew” is embedded with the First Battalion, Eighth Marines in Afghanistan. The rest of the team tracks regional news and relevant information, adding it to material transmitted from Afghanistan.

dispatches / Water Rights – Balazs Gardi

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dispatches / Water Rights:

Balazs Gardi, a Hungarian freelance photographer with VII Network, focuses on everyday life in communities facing humanitarian crises. Although he has won numerous awards for conflict photography, he is on a long-term project to capture water-related social tension and geopolitical disputes.

POYi Global Vision Award


Balazs Gardi, VII Network
“THIRST” Water is life, and since the earliest days of human civilization, it has also been the source of conflict. As global supplies of fresh water diminish, and human population grows, the tensions surrounding access to water are rapidly amplifying.

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Photo Essay Eastern European Gypsies by Balazs Gardi

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For most people the word gypsy evokes a romantic image of a nomadic lifestyle. Although the traditional gypsy way of life was common all over Europe several decades ago, their number has dwindled during the past century and now they are mostly found in remote areas of Romania. Due to environmental and economic circumstances as well as governmental pressure, their way of life is threatened and facing inevitable extinction. The end of socialism marked the beginning of Roma/Gypsy decline from relative well being to extreme poverty. Low skills, discrimination, and the collapse of many state-owned industrial and agricultural enterprises during the transition period have contributed to their mass unemployment, along with rising illiteracy rates and deteriorating health, infrastructure, and housing conditions. 

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VII Photo Essay – The Valley – by Balazs Gardi

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Korengal Valley is among the deadliest pieces of terrain in the world for U.S forces. The six-mile long strategic passage is located in northeastern Afghanistan surrounded by treacherous mountain ridges, which are held desperately by the Taleban and al-Qaeda. Nearly one-fifth of all combat in Afghanistan occurs in this valley, and nearly three-quarters of all the bombs dropped by NATO planes target the surrounding area. The Valley is the first leg of a former mujahideen smuggling route that was used to bring in men and weapons from Pakistan during the 1980s

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VII Photo Expands To Represent Non-Member Photographers

VII Photo Expands To Represent Non-Member Photographers: “The VII Photo agency announced a new division this week called VII Network, which will represent projects by photographers who are not VII members.

At its launch, VII Network is representing seven freelance photojournalists: Eric Bouvet, Jessica Dimmock, Tivadar Domaniczky, Balazs Gardi, Ben Lowy, Stephanie Sinclair and Donald Weber. VII Network will represent these photographers exclusively worldwide, says VII managing director Frank Evers.”