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  • Essay: Prison Break – Lens

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    Photos by Damon Winter

    The main prison in Port-au-Prince emptied after the earthquake last week. Those inmates who weren’t killed were free to walk through the rubble, into the heart of the city. And an estimated 4,000 of them did just that.

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  • On Assignment: Where Is the Help? – Lens Blog – NYTimes.com

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    Damon Winter has been in Port-au-Prince since Wednesday. James Estrin spoke with him at 12:30 p.m. Sunday by satellite phone.

    Link: On Assignment: Where Is the Help? – Lens Blog – NYTimes.com
  • On Assignment: Prayers in the Dark – Lens


    Damon Winter of The New York Times arrived in Port-au-Prince on Wednesday. He has been traveling through the city in a car shared with Ron Haviv of the VII photo agency and Timothy Fadek, both veteran conflict photographers. James Estrin spoke with Mr. Winter by cellphone at midnight Thursday.

    Link: On Assignment: Prayers in the Dark – Lens Blog – NYTimes.com
  • Interview: Damon Winter

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    Yes. I can’t imagine any other place to go. As long as I’ve had a camera it has been my dream to work at the New York Times. It seems in the current climate of photojournalism the New York Times is the best place to be right now.

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  • Q & A: The New York Times's Damon Winter

    Q & A: The New York Times’s Damon Winter : CJR

    Splashed across the front page of yesterday’s New York Times was a four-column photo of a man shouting at Sen. Arlen Specter at a town hall held earlier that morning in Lebanon, Pa., taken by photojournalist Damon Winter, who won the 2009 Pulitzer Prize for Feature Photography. The photograph neatly illustrated the recent trend of angry voters—usually white and usually seniors—confronting their senators and congressmen with practically apoplectic rage over health reform and other matters.

  • On Assignment: The Big Ring

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    DAVID W. DUNLAP – Lens Blog – NYTimes.com

    There are plenty of distractions at the circus, where every character seems slightly larger — and a whole lot more colorful — than in real life. That’s exactly what Damon Winter didn’t want when he envisioned a series of portraits of the circus performers in the Coney Island Boom a Ring, a special summer presentation by Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey that opened on Thursday.

  • Damon Winter: Angola Prison Rodeo « Prison Photography


    From Prison Photography:

    The rodeo featuring the prisoners of Louisiana State Penitentiary, commonly known as Angola, is an old – even traditional – event in the Louisiana calendar. Damon Winter is one of many photographers that have covered the community event. It is a raucous spectacle that brings together populations in and outside of the prison.

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  • Damon Winter Pulitzer Winner


    From The New York Times:

    A reflection in a puddle on an airport tarmac or in a mirrorlike teleprompter. Silhouetted shadows on a chain-link fence. A cascade of empty metal bleachers. Not the stuff of ordinary political coverage. But Damon Winter, 34, had never before covered a presidential campaign. So maybe he didn’t know how many rules he was breaking as he followed Senator Barack Obama. But that approach worked, and he received the 2009 Pulitzer Prize for feature photography.

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  • Pulitzer Prizes Go to Damon Winter and Patrick Farrell

    From State of the Art:

    The 2009 Pulitzer Prize winners were announced today. In the Feature Photography category, Damon Winter of the New York Times won for his “memorable array of pictures deftly capturing multiple facets of Barack Obama’s presidential campaign.” In the Breaking News category, the award went to Patrick Farrell of the Miami Herald for coverage of Haiti in the aftermath of Hurricane Ike. The jury called Farrell’s work “impeccably composed images of despair.” The photo below shows four-year old Veronica Lonis, malnourished and weighing 16 pounds.

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  • Q&A: Damon Winter on Covering Obama


    Less than two years after joining The New York Times staff, and having never covered a presidential campaign before, Damon Winter won instant praise from fellow photographers for his photos of Barack Obama’s historic run for president.

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  • Photographers’ Journal: Capturing History at the Conventions – The New York Times


    Phototgraphs of the political conventions by New York Times photographers Damon Winter, Todd Heisler, Ozier Muhammad and Stephen Crowley

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