Ten Photojournalists Win the $10K 2016 Yunghi Grant

Ten photojournalists have been awarded $1,000 each for the Yunghi Kim grant—a grant meant to bring awareness of the importance of copyright registration.

The 2016 recipients are: Frank Fournier, Carol Guzy, Amnon Gutman, Derek Hudson, Dania Maxwell, Myriam Meloni, Jackie Molloy, Rick Rocamora, Ann Wang, Rony Zakaria

Dying Couldn’t Stop Ethan Arbelo From Living

What happens when the cusp of adulthood meets cancer

“He really wanted to go skydiving but he wasn’t old enough. He wanted a piercing but he couldn’t risk an infection. He didn’t want to die a virgin, but he did. He wanted to grow up, be a drill Sargent or maybe a doctor. He spoke about kids because he wanted a lot but he was still a kid himself,” photographer Dania Maxwell said. Ethan passed away July 3, 2014 at the age 12. He had brain cancer.