David Billet & Ian Kline's Rabbit/Hare Texas Reason

"The picture stays in the kid. Tell heaven don’t wait for me" What is an image produced if not the perversion of self either in or out of frame? Authorship is dictatorship, no? What to do with a pare? Game Over, and if this isn’t an obvi

Pardon me while I bloviate awkwardly regarding the magnificent efforts of David Billet & Ian Kline’s Rabbit /Hare published by Deadbeat Club in the year of our Ford, 2020 (Technically). The book is packed with singular impacting images that show a Texas of the mind instead of a pre-packaged land of people built on simple historic myth and the stereotypes that one reaches for in the mind if unfamiliar. Sure, there are cowboys. They are African American and often women. There isn’t a piece of BBQ in sight, but the natural world rages upon the frame from aviary flights of fancy to the car’s rearview window to the feline onslaught reaching for similar prey. There are hints of religious experience, the ecstasy of which is being carried out by a girl holding her nose underwater and another  man dreamily laying against the ground in nocturnal bliss.